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Thursday, July 18, 2019

4 Tools to Help You Choose between Great Job Offers

Receiving multiple great job offers right around the same time is certainly an enthralling experience. However, this boost of confidence might be met with some stress when you realize that you now need to pick between them. Pursuing some useful avenues and tools can help to make this decision smoother.

Pros and Cons List

Making a list of pros and cons is an effective way to generate productive decisions. You might think that you’re running through all of the positives and negatives in your mind, but seeing them written out on a sheet of paper can really help you to recognize the decision that is best. 

For example, when you write out each pro and con, you may see that one job is abundant in benefits while the other is swimming in reasons that make it suitable for rejection.


You should also talk through your ideas and dilemmas with a person whom you consider as an advisor. Think about to whom you turn for guidance when you typically need to reach resolutions. 

You might generally seek out support from your parents or grandparents, or you may have an old teacher or a spiritual advisor who has provided you with tremendously useful perspective on challenging situations.

Financial Tools

When you’re working, you should feel happy and fulfilled in the chosen position. However, you also must ensure that you are making enough money to support yourself and your future dreams and goals. Therefore, using financial tools can help you to decide which job is better for your bank account. 

You should review elements of the offer that involve finances, such as the salary, benefits and so forth. Also, you should set up an appointment with an accountant or a financial advisor to gain a sense of your specific situation.

Online Reviews

You should also look at online reviews of the companies, and you can check out two different perspectives. In other words, you can look at reviews that come from current and former employees and ones that are written by customers. The latter set will help you to get a sense of what working at the company might be like, and the former et will introduce you to some of the scenarios and issues you might have to work with.

When you receive great job offers, you’re likely quite excited. However, you don’t want to wait too long to accept one, or the offer might disappear. Therefore, put these tools and techniques to work to decide in an efficient fashion.

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