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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Top Four Cheapest Cell Phone Plans for Even the Tightest Penny Pincher

Your cell phone plan is one of the most important concerns. Of course, if you are on a tight budget, you might want to spend less money. At the same time, it is not always the top priority to get a plan that offers too few services when there are many that offer unlimited everything. With that being said, you can enjoy some of the best plans that are inexpensive and should appeal to you even if you are among the tightest penny pinchers.

Bell Voice and Data Lite Promo 45

Samsung Galaxy phones are some of the most popular, and you can get them at a reasonable price if you sign up for a brand new contract with your wireless provider. One of the best plans is also extremely cheap at only $45 per month. It is referred to as the Voice and Data Lite 45 plan and offers 200 minutes, unlimited text messaging, which includes SMS and video messages, unlimited nights and weekends and 200MB of data. Should you go over your data by an additional 100MB to a total of 300MB, you will be charged an additional $15. Of course, you can enjoy using your Samsung Galaxy S4 or Samsung Galaxy Note II with free Wi-Fi at home, the office and other places to save your data. Get your great Android phone and sign up for the plan.

T-Mobile Individual Simple Choice

T-Mobile’s individual Simple Choice value plan is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to spend less money on their wireless plan. It is $50 per month and provides you with unlimited talk, unlimited text and 500MB of data. You can even use up to 2.5GB of data at the highest 4G speeds, although anything used thereafter is throttled down. If you are not a very heavy data user, you will find this plan to be absolutely perfect for you.

AT&T GoPhone

English: Android Market on Samsung Galaxy S.
AT&T’s GoPhone plan is one of the cheapest you can find. You can even purchase a great new smartphone in the Nokia Lumia 520, which runs on Windows Phone 8, for only $99. One of the newest plans is only $40 per month and offers 500 talk minutes, unlimited text messaging and 200MB of data. For each additional 100MB of data, it costs only $5, which is 
a great deal.

Boost Mobile Shrinking Payment

Boost Mobile has great unlimited plans that start at $50 per month. However, what is special about Boost is that your plan can be reduced to as low as $35 per month when you remain in good standing. For every six payments you make on time, the carrier will lower your payment by $5 until you ultimately reach $35 per month. This is a great package that includes unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited data.

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