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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

4 Ways to Find The Right Lawyer for You When Pursuing Custody

When your child is in the midst of a legal dispute, you may feel anxious and at a loss over who to turn to. There are many attorneys out there, but how do you know which ones are safe and effective?

Finding the right lawyer can help you to feel more confident and safer during the emotional process. Here are 4 ways to find the right lawyer for you:

1. Learn About Child Custody

Before contacting a lawyer, you should be informed about your state's child custody laws. Laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and while they may be similar across the United States, you need to confirm that they agree with the laws in place in your particular state. You can do this by talking to an attorney who specializes in the area of child custody law.

A good child custody lawyer can help you determine what will work best for you and your child based on the situation. Usually, there are three ways to obtain custody of a child: sole custody, shared parental responsibility, and joint legal custody. Other factors to consider include the child's age, the step-parent's involvement, and mental health.

2. Ask Friends and Family for Referrals

Many people have received a bad name because they recommended lawyers to family members, friends, or acquaintances. Some parents may want to hire a lawyer who is a friend or family member. 

While this is entirely understandable, you must evaluate the qualifications and character of the potential lawyer before this route.

3. Ask Specific Questions

When you talk to an attorney, you must ask them specific questions. Many people don't do this when they are in a time of crisis, but you need to understand the following information before making a decision:

  • The lawyer's experience with your specific type of case.
  • The time frame they are working in. For example, if they have another case that ends before yours, this could affect their performance on your case.
  • Their fees and payment terms.
  • How they handle your case. There should be little to no confusion over who is in charge of the situation, and they should be able to give you clear explanations of the process.

4. Check Online Reviews

If you are looking for a lawyer online, check their online reviews. Reviews can range from negative to extremely positive, but you must take time to read the ones that concern your specific case. This will allow you to gauge the attorney's performance and what they have said about their services or any complaints from past clients.

While many people can find the right lawyer for them after a few tries, it can be a nerve-wracking and upsetting experience. You should feel confident in the process by finding a lawyer who knows the proper ways to work through the process and they are well-qualified to handle your particular situation.

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