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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Don't Overspend: Seven Unexpected Things Americans Spend Too Much Money On In Retirement

One of the best ways to save money is to cut down on unnecessary expenditures. Instead of removing significant items from your family budget, simply cut down on spending in several areas to achieve the same result. Here are seven unexpected things that Americans spend too much money on.

Home Appliances

People have a habit of buying the most expensive thing they see at the store, or the newest model. This often means that they pay over the odds, when a significantly less expensive version of the product would perform the same function. Toasters, fridges, blenders, food processors, juicers and grills are examples of such items.


While it can be tempting to buy clothes that have just come out at the best stores, they will cost a fortune. It is better to wait until items are on sale, buy everything you need, and repeat the process six months later. This will allow you to buy great clothes for yourself and your family at a fraction of their original price. You can also consider shopping at outlets for discounted prices on quality clothing that won't wear as as quickly.

Food Outside of the Home

Americans spend a great deal of money on food away from home on a yearly basis. It was estimated that the average household spent $2,500 a year on food outside of the house in 2009. While there is nothing wrong with eating out, proper food budgeting can save a lot of money. Families should decide how many times they will go out to eat each month and stick to that number. Eating out at work on the weekends can quickly add up. 

DIY Car Repairs

Being handy is usually a matter of pride for most people. However, patchy repairs and incomplete DIY car jobs often cost more money than hiring a professional. Replacing or fixing a transmission, for example, should be left to the experts, say the professionals at Minit-Tune International Corp. It's important to know what you can handle yourself, and when to take it to a mechanic to save on extra parts on repairs.

Credit Card Interest

A recent study showed that an American household owes $15,000 in credit card debt on average. This means that most Americans are paying huge amounts to credit card companies in monthly interest. To avoid this expenditure, it is best to pay off each credit card transaction within 30 days. Don't overspend and make payments on time to avoid extra fees. 

Expedited Shipping

A surge of online retailers, such as Amazon, means that many Americans buy their supplies through the internet. Buying online can often lead to savings on most items, but it also results in unnecessary spending on expedited shipping. There is nothing wrong with ordering one or two day shipping if you need an item urgently, but most people only do it so that they do not have to wait an extra few days. People surprisingly waste a lot of money with this type of shipping, especially around the holidays and birthdays. 

Gift Cards

Remarkably, it is reported that around $40 billion in gift cards was unspent from 2005 to 2012. With Americans spending a lot of money on electronics, home appliances, clothes and gifts, it is staggering to think that so many potential savings are being thrown away.

If you analyze your family's yearly budget, you will probably find that you are overspending on a few of these categories. By making incremental cuts to spending, you can lower your spending and still enjoy a similar standard of living.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Why a Onesie Will Help You To Relax

There’s nothing better than that feeling you get when you finish work for the day. You throw down your pen or let go of the mouse, switch the computer off and make a dash for the door as quickly as possible. 

Braving the cold and the rain, you head for the train or your car and endure mind-numbing boredom for the next half an hour whilst you battle rush hour to get home. By this point you’re probably starving and tired! Upon reaching home, you feel like you have completed some mighty quest, triumphantly returning to your castle.
When you get to the end of your working day, how do you unwind? Do you religiously don your sportswear and head to the gym? Is it a case of supervising the dinner, bath and bed routine for your children? Or, do you kick back with a cup of tea and watch your favourite dramas on TV? However you spend your evening, it’s important to make the most of those precious segments of leisure time we enjoy in the week. 

The question is, what do you wear around the house? Some people favour shorts and t-shirt or tracksuit bottoms in the winter. Others prefer to keep things a little more formal, donning jeans and shirts even for just chilling at home. Then there’s people who save all their old, torn, tattered, paint-stained clothes for home, this generally being the case for those with young children. 

All of these clothes come with their advantages and disadvantages. Shorts and tracksuits can tend to look a little scruffy, even though they are comfy. Jeans, chinos and shirts look smart but are hard to relax in, because the materials are not designed to stretch. Wearing old and damaged clothes is practical, but what kind of impression do you make on anyone who just happens to pop round? 

Another option of course is to wear a one piece bodysuit. Having become fashionable in late 2012, these garments are called ‘onesies’ and entirely cover the body. Cute and cosy, onesies also keep out the cold. There are loads of different types to choose from. 

Since this type of clothing became popular, my boyfriend made an idle threat that if I ever wore one around the house he would cancel our wedding. This of course spurred me on to buy several of the things, and to wear them whenever he’s not home. I just love how warm they are and how soft they feel – much nicer than wearing normal clothes for when I’m watching a film or reading a book in the evening by lamplight, my cats cuddled up around me. 

So, when the other half dons his football pads for a night of sport in the freezing rain or snow, I rush upstairs to throw on my favourite onesie. What he doesn’t know can’t hurt him, after all! 

Author Bio: 
Roberta Cassidy is a bride-to-be currently plotting how to keep her onesie collection hidden from her boyfriend until after the wedding.

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