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Friday, April 12, 2019

Unknowingly Uninsured: 4 Uncommon Commercial Insurances

Insuring your small business is an important way to protect it. Most small business owners know the basics and understand that it’s important to protect their property and equipment as well as protect themselves from liability if something goes wrong. 

Depending on the type of business you own, however, you may need to go beyond the basics and seek out more unconventional coverage.

Tattoo and Piercing Insurance

Tattoos and piercing make fairly permanent changes to the body and can come with the risk of infection and other complications. As such, it’s wise for tattoo artists to purchase special insurance that covers all tattoo and body piercing work, no matter where it is on the body. 

Check your policy carefully, making sure it extends coverage to guest artists and that your protection goes with you to any festivals or exhibits you work.

Day Spa Insurance

Like tattoo parlors, day spas should carry special insurance. It’s important for spa owners to protect themselves from malpractice and abusive or unlawful acts committed by employees. Your policy should contain special provisions if you travel to clients’ homes or businesses for massage work. 

Most medispa insurance policies cover you and your employees. Specially for If you have massage therapists working with you as independent contractors, make sure your insurance covers them if they are under insured or uninsured.

War and Political Risk Insurance

If your small business relies on foreign product producers or customers, war and political risk insurance is a good idea. Unfortunately, wars, coups and acts of terrorism can greatly disrupt people’s personal lives and businesses. 

If these disruptions impact people and businesses that you rely on, you may feel the effects of instability despite being miles away. If you do business in countries known for political volatility, look into political risk insurance.

Ready for Anything Insurance

Many people dismiss stories of alien abductions, UFO landings and the coming zombie apocalypse as pure myth. Others view these possibilities as very real, and insurance companies have taken notice. Some offer insurance policies that protect against business disruption caused by zombies and aliens. 

One insurance agent even states that he’s sold alien abduction insurance and had to pay a claim. While you’re business probably doesn’t need this type of insurance unless you’re located in Roswell, it’s still fun to know these policies (and the truth) are out there.

When you speak to your insurance agent about protecting your small enterprise, make sure you’re getting all the coverage you need. Tell your agent about any unusual practices in your business so he can help make sure you’re protected, even when a strange or unconventional situation arise.

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