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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Socially Distanced Work And Commute in 2021

The year 2021 is going to be about the same as 2020. At least for a while, that is. Offices will continue to maintain a hybrid schedule and social distancing. Meanwhile, the commute to the office should be similar to the one that started in the summer of 2020.

By the end of 2021, it's estimated that approximately 25% of the workforce will move to remote occupations. What does this mean for you? Probably a bit of confusion while you and your company figure out the best way to maintain efficiency.

For more information, here's what you might expect from socially distanced work and commutes in 2021.

Shifting Insurance Costs

Many auto insurance companies froze rates during 2020 as fewer drivers were on the road. On top of this, they halted the cancelation of policies for many due to lack of payment. All of this could mean an increase in premiums for car insurance in Montreal and other Canadian cities.

If you're one of the people who encountered financial loss due to the pandemic, you may need to look at another insurer with lower premiums. Be proactive and reach out to companies like KBD Insurance for a sample of quotes you can examine.

Office Configurations

There's a good chance the reconfigurations made to your office will stay the same for the future. Therefore, you could feel more isolated at your desk, especially when a portion of your team is permanently placed on a remote status.

Don't let this get you down. There are still ways to maintain a positive work experience with social distancing. As long as you wear a mask and maintain a safe distance, don't be afraid to talk to others in the office. If that can't be done, then schedule video chats with one or multiple people to keep engaged with other workers’ goings-on.

Moving to a Digital Workspace

Even when vaccines begin to lessen the danger of coronavirus, your company might consider closing down its physical office. You'll need to work in an all-digital format. Here, it's even more critical to stay in touch with everyone.

If not established yet, ask your management to invest in a chat application. Seeing others on your team might not be an option. However, you can chat with them for advice or to see how they're doing. Additionally, ask your management to establish a regular meeting to fill everyone in about the latest issues and achievements.

A Commute for a Digital Office

Though you were based at an office desk for eight hours a day, you had the opportunity to move around. This included commuting to and from work via your car or public transportation. Should your office go digital, you want to avoid sitting at the kitchen table or your home office all day.

Once restrictions loosen, consider working at a coffee shop. This is exceedingly feasible if your position doesn't require continuous customer service. If you want to take public transportation, make sure you follow their protocols as well. Maintain space between you and the other riders if you possibly can. Before and after the trip, wash and sanitize your hands.

Remain Calm

Granted, 2020 was a stressful year that put you on edge. If it wasn't coronavirus, it turned out to be something else that disrupted the normal flow of your days. Until a large portion of the population is vaccinated, you could still feel on the fringes of panic.

If this is how you feel, then try to find a way to relax. Feeling anxiety each day is not healthy. It makes you jittery without caffeine, and that's not good for socially distanced work or your commute. Because you're constantly distracted, you can't concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Find a way to relax. Meditation and deep breathing are known ways to reduce anxiety and lower your blood pressure. If that doesn't help, then step away from your work environment. Take a walk to clear your head. Or simply sit on a bench, close your eyes, and listen to the environment around you.

In the end, know that 2021 will not be a repeat of 2020. Things will get better for your, your friends, and the city.

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