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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Don't Get Stuck Financially: Five Things You Need To Budget For During A Move

Moving can be a stressful process for anyone. One of the best ways to make your move a lot easier is to budget ahead - knowing exactly what your expenditure will be can make the difference between a smooth, easy move, and one that ends up being way more complicated than was necessary. 

Let's take a look at five of the most important things you need to budget for during a move.

Moving Equipment

It's amazing how many boxes you can realize you need while you're moving. Make a short list of all the moving equipment you might need before you begin packing. 

This can include boxes, packing tape, padding or Styrofoam peanuts for your delicate items, and so on.

Transportation Costs

If you're moving a long distance, consider how much your transportation costs will be. For example, if you're driving, estimate your gas costs. If your vehicle needs any repairs before you set out on a long trip, add these expenses to your budget as well. 

If you're traveling some other way, such as a plane or train, make sure to look into the cost of the tickets for you and your family.

A Professional Moving Service

This is perhaps the most important part of planning your move. Take into consideration exactly what your professional moving service will be transporting for you. By making yourself a checklist, you can ensure that the quote you get from Bekins Van Lines Inc is as accurate as possible. 

If you're uncertain about anything, be sure to call ahead and ask any questions you may have. Also, remember to inform your moving company about anything that may make the move more complicated, such as stairs.

Storage Fees

If necessary, you may also need to calculate storage fees. For example, say that you're unable to move all of your possessions in one trip, but you need to quickly vacate the house or building where you were before. 

Storage units are usually fairly affordable, but this expense needs to go on your moving budget as well.

Temporary Housing

It's possible that when you arrive to the new area that you'll be living, you won't be able to move into your new home right away. This might be anywhere from a week to a month in some situations, so budget accordingly for how much the rent of temporary housing will cost.

A moving budget can make the entire process of going from one house to another so much easier. 

Instead of worrying about how much you're spending - or being caught off guard financially - you'll be able to know exactly how much everything is going to cost each step of the way.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

How To Cut Down On The Cost Of Moving

When it's time to move, it can be an exciting time for those who are relocating or anyone who just purchased a new house. Unfortunately, the cost of moving can be expensive due to the materials and tools that are needed to transport everything. To reduce the cost of moving for a cheaper process, there are a few steps to follow. 

Sell Unused Items

One of the easiest ways to cut to the cost of moving is to sell or donate unused items that you no longer use. It's important to go through each room of the home and find clothes, toys, or books that don't need to be packed and transported to the new house if they're no longer needed. This will cut down on the cost of packaging materials and boxes.

Maximize Your Space

When packing your moving boxes, it's important to try and pack as much as possible in each box without weighing it down. Use clothes to protect valuables instead of using bubble wrap for an easy way of placing two different items in one box. 

You can also pack belongings in large items that you already own, which includes luggage, storage containers, or empty trunks. This will make it easier to transport less items and avoid having to use as many materials with the move. 

Ask for Boxes

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on brand new boxes that you'll use once, ask around town for packaging boxes that are available for free. 

Many supermarkets, liquor stores, and businesses are happy to get rid of the cardboard boxes instead of throwing them in the dumpster. This will help to save money and can make the move more resourceful.

Hire a Moving Company

Hiring a moving company is a great way to save money and time. Homeowners can move out of their old home sooner, avoid paying rent or a mortgage on two properties during the move, and avoid breaking valuable items that are expensive to replace. 

Consider hiring a company like Wheaton World Wide Moving that can offer a hassle-free experience on moving.

When moving to a new location, it's important to put a good amount of preparation into planning the process. 

This will make it easier to prepare and save money on materials that you purchased ahead of time. You can also save more money by booking a moving company ahead of time instead of waiting until the last minute.

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