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Saturday, February 17, 2018

DIY Metal Buildings: 5 Things You Should Avoid In the Construction Phase

Using a steel building kit for your construction project in Denver has many advantages. Aside from allowing you to set up your frame easily and quickly, it also enables you to meet project timelines earlier. Whether you already know a lot about putting up steel buildings or have just started bidding on related projects, the key is to ensure that whatever is erected stays there for a long time. 

As with any construction job, there is a right and wrong way to do things, even with pre-fabricated building systems. Fortunately, you do not have to be a construction expert to get the work done. 

With the help of easy-to-follow and detailed plans and diagrams, a manual, and some friends, you can take the DIY approach to finally getting that carport, hobby shed, garage, or barn erected. 

Of course, then the project becomes more complex, you will need the support of an experienced and licensed contractor to ensure that everything is in order and all quality and safety guidelines are met.

But let's focus on the small projects for now. Here are 5 things you should avoid doing when working on DIY metal buildings.

1. You forgot to secure the proper permits

Building ordinances differ in every city so be sure to check first if there are Colorado permits that need to be secured or paperwork complied. Better if you find out there's nothing you need to do early on than to have your project halted midway because you're violating a local law. 

Some building quotes also offer assistance for securing permits, so check with your service provider about this, as well.

2. You ignored safety procedures

Metal building kits come with a manual. Follow the book and never just "wing it," no matter how much of a carpentry expert you think you are. Or you can have it prebuilt at the place where it was purchased so it arrives ready to be set up. 

As a DIYer, you probably do not have enough professional safety training. Take some time to read resources online about job site safety tips. These include clearing the jobsite of any debris that might obstruct workflow or pose a threat, applying fall prevention procedures, and readng the instructions that came with the kit.

3. You did not prepare the soil or pour a foundation

You can't just erect structures anywhere and the ground has to be tested and prepared prior to construction. At the least, make sure that the surface is level and any debris or large rocks are removed. If you are building a large structure, the soil needs to be tested and amended. Much bigger projects require for foundation to be poured.

4. You tampered with the pre-built model

Metal building kits are already pre-measured and cut before they are delivered to your job site. That means all you need to do is to assemble them. Resist the urge to shorten or cut any part, particularly the primary elements, if you notice that the structure is not level. Instead, refer back to the kit's manual and find out if there's a step you might have missed during the preparation process. You can also call the manufacturer to help you identify where the error might have been. Tampering with the parts exposes you to risks for accidents and injuries.

5. You didn't install the fasteners correctly

Going back to the importance of following what's on the manual exactly, the correct setup of fasteners is crucial to the completion of the entire system. It's really a simple process, if you think about it, but a lot of things can go wrong with a mere mis-fastened bolt. Make sure that you use the correct drives and tools to complete the assembly and tath every unit is installed tightly.

When setting up Great Western Buildings of Denver, Colorado, the most basic advice is to follow the erection manual. If you have any questions, call the service provider immediately to clarify. The company will be your best resource to making sure that structures are built flawlessly.

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