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Thursday, December 26, 2013

How to Make Sure that your Investment in a Water Ionizer is Worth it

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Česky: Pitná voda - kohoutek Español: Agua potable (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It is a common phenomenon for water ionizer companies to make tall claims about their products. While there is nothing wrong in doing so, it does tend to get a tad problematic when they do market and promote their product in a way that puts down or demeans the existence of the rest of the products that are available in the market. Therefore, investing in the right water ionizer is crucial. When you purchase a water ionizer, it is an air water ionizer for life. Given below are some things that you need to consider before you put in your money, time and energy into a water ionizer. 

1.) Enquire about the material that has been used to produce the water ionizer:

You may not realize it but the material that goes into making a water ionizer can be a determining factor of its shelf life. Therefore, you may have invested several hundreds of dollars into a water ionizer, but if the material used for its creation is of a lower quality, it may hardly last a few months, let alone a few years. As a rule of thumb, a coat of pure titanium or platinum must be used for the water ionizer and alloys must be avoided at all costs because:

i. Platinum works best for a water ionizer and is essentially catalyst in the infamous ionization process. Alloys on the other hand, play an equally opposite role.

ii. Alloys are also known to contain traces of a plethora of other minerals ranging from copper to nickel. Although minerals in water are required to ensure overall health, the presence of too many minerals can have an exactly opposite effect on health.

2.) Keep a close eye out on the warranties that are being offered:

Ideally, some companies use the very obvious tactic of offering very tempting and alluring warranties that can easily have you attracted. You need to be extremely aware of these tactics, especially when the company that is in question is an extremely recent one. Before you purchase the air water ionizer for life, you must consider certain factors pertaining to the warranty.

For starters, knowing the number of years that a company has been in business is important as it helps you understand its credibility to a certain extent. At other times, a company may refrain from giving out complete and honest information about themselves and their existence. This is where you must realize that the company could, in fact, be shady. Therefore, if it is willingly offering a very impressive warranty, you also need to figure out the survival tactic of that particular company if it starts offering such warranty services to every single customer.

3.) The actual truth about water ionizer comparison may always remain hidden:

Usually, almost every other company explains how competitive their products are. While there is no harm in portraying your products in good light, the issues may begin to arise when a company puts down another company or shows them in a bad light by stating that their products have been tested to be the best among the glut of other products that are available. It may get increasingly shifty if this particular company in question has absolutely no proof to support their facts. Believing blindly in such companies can be detrimental to your investment and may not do you much good.

Therefore, before you spend all your hard earned money on a water ionizer, it is always advisable to do your research well so that you can avoid getting scammed.

Author’s bio:
Karl Maxwell is a marketing specialist and has been involved in the promotional campaigns of air water ionizer for life. He is also a food blogger that helps him showcase his love for baking and cooking.

Friday, September 20, 2013

How Using a Water Ionizer Can Save You Money

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We all know how healthy water is for our bodies and many are turning to bottled water rather than tap water. There are many reasons for this including the chemicals that are typically added to traditional tap water. The problem is that bottled water is expensive no matter where you buy it. Purchasing a water ionizer may seem expensive but the overall savings are amazing. If you are wondering how a water ionizer will save you money, look no further.

Medical Bills

Ionized water has been proven to decrease the levels of cancer causing free radicals in our body. Free radicals are found in our bodies and in our environment. Simply breathing in air can increase your chance of being diagnosed with cancer. By drinking ionized water, you can help flush the free radicals from your body in a natural and simple way. In addition to neutralizing free radicals, you can also increase weight loss due to the antioxidant properties of ionized water that help to remove the toxins from your body. 

Bottled Water

Many people find bottled water to be more convenient as well as healthier than their traditional tap water. The problem with bottled water is that it is expensive to purchase in the quantity you are supposed to consume daily. Most people consume over three bottles of water each day, which is ninety bottles per month. If you buy your water by the case, you may spend over sixteen dollars per case, which typically will last one person a month or less. By purchasing a water ionizer from you can save hundreds of dollars a year. 

Recycling Costs

If you are environmentally conscious or live in an area that requires you to recycle, you may spend hundreds of dollars on recycling your water bottles. With a water ionizer, you can purchase a reusable bottle and fill it with water from your ionizer. This will cut the amount of plastic bottles you will be paying to recycle each month. If you choose not to recycle as a way to save money, the damage plastic bottles will do to the environment is tremendous. 

Look Younger

More people are turning to cosmetics and surgery to look younger. By simply drinking ionized water, you can look younger without expensive beauty products or surgery. Ionized water with its antioxidant properties can help rebuild skin cells and increase the elasticity of your skin. Wrinkle creams, facelifts and tummy tucks will be a thing of the past once you see the benefits of ionized water. Get the same younger look at a fraction of the cost with no surgery required. 

Filter Replacement

Standard water filters require you to change the filter approximately once a month. In addition to that, most water filters only last a year or two before you need to replace them. A water ionizer is built to last ten to fifteen years with the filter only being changed twice per year. Although the filters tend to cost more than a regular filter, you will save money throughout the year by replacing it less frequently.

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