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Thursday, February 21, 2013

How Can You Get Low Cost Auto Insurance After a DUI

After being convicted for driving under influence even once, can make getting low cost auto insurance a difficult task. In reality there exist two tiers of auto insurance companies, the big corporations and the standard-policy companies. While the renowned auto insurers would prefer having a long list of clientele with clean records, the non standard would certainly accept a client who has been found guilty with DUI. This primarily because the law states that all cars must be insured. However once a person is convicted, the auto insurance premium is bound to increase. 

Negotiate with you present carrier:

The two threats that circumscribe a car owner after being charged with DUI are: cancellation of policy or refusal for renewal. In order to find coverage, several things are necessary: 1.) making an appointment with the present car insurance agent, 2.) talk with your DUI attorney about your options with car insurance, 3.) after talking with your attorney make an appointment to talk with your insurance broker in depth about the incident. Atlanta DUI attorney, Tom Rowsey, advises his clients on how best to answer questions about an incident with an insurance agent, in the hopes of preventing or delaying an insurance policy cancellation. However, in case the insurance company is not willing to negotiate, it would be best to research options. 

Varying policies of auto insurance company:

Policies of the different auto insurance companies vary. While the niche companies would deny insuring your car, there also exist a large number of non standard company who will readily cover your car at increased premium rates. The rate of increase is totally dependent on your previous record as well as the policy of the particular company. Every case is reviewed by the insurance agents and various factors will be considered like gender, age, profession, driving record before quoting a premium rate. So make sure to get quotes from different companies.

Compare the policy prices:

Search on the internet for auto insurance companies that will cover your car even with DUI. Many sites won’t give you quotes without know more information. Fill out their applications, provide absolutely exact and in depth information on your driving license, accident charges, other driving offenses. Be as thorough as possible, because the insurance company will research all the information for accuracy. This will help you getting precise premium quotes and help you in making a better decision. 

Check for the coverage:

Getting the minimum quotes is not the only thing. You should check whether the coverage is compatible with your requirements or not. Some of the companies might offer you a reasonably lower quote, but the coverage might be very minimal which is definitely undesirable. So read each and every term in the policy carefully before making the final decision. In case you are unsure about a particular statement, contact the agent and make sure you fully understand all of the terms and conditions before signing anything.

An exhaustive search will definitely provide you with cheaper options in auto insurance with a DUI on your record. However, be prepared for the extra premium costs after being convicted for drunk driving. In most cases the rates will reduce as the age of your conviction increases. Furthermore, it is best to avoid driving even after consuming alcohol, to safeguard against increased premium rates. Can you really afford to have that “one more drink for the road”?

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