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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Cost of Living: United States vs United Kingdom

English: Blending of the flags of the United S...
English: Blending of the flags of the United States and the United Kingdom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Are you considering migrating to Britain and leaving your American homeland behind? It's perhaps not too difficult to understand why in these current times. It's not likely for instance that you'll see an American citizen receiving completely free healthcare or indeed tallying up how much money they'll receive from the government this month on a DSS Move Benefit Calculator

But before jumping to conclusions, you should be aware that many of the overall living costs in the United Kingdom are in fact far greater than in the United States. 


In the United States, we are privileged to have a whole host of international delights fully absorbed into our mainstream culinary culture. From beef tacos to key lime pie, to pastrami sandwiches to the traditional US barbecue, there's not much that we haven't got covered. So surely all of this diversity must be expensive? 

Surely we can't expect to have all of these multicultural foods (in comparison to a fairly bland British offering) and actually pay less than the Brits do? Actually, you can. In a recent study analysing the cost of living in the United States vs the United Kingdom, guess who came up trumps? That's right, America. In fact, on average across the United States, our groceries cost 13.57% less than in the UK. Add that up over a few years and you'll see some big savings, or some big financial losses if you choose to head to Blighty. 


Well, food is only one of the chief costs of living you might say. The biggest cost is rent, so how does that compare? Even worse if you live in the UK. Yes, on average the cost of rent in the United States is 21.20% cheaper than in Britain, with 1 and 3 bedroom apartments in the city centre and outside of the city centre all costing substantially less than their British counterparts. 

Look at prices in the country and the situation is even worse. Someone living in Truro, Cornwall can expect to pay a whopping 70% extra on their rental cost than someone living in Little Rock, Arkansas. Whether you're receiving housing benefit in the UK or not, it's hard to argue with those figures.

Is the Grass Actually Greener?

Though the UK may seem like a good way of escaping some of the more difficult aspect of America, be aware that Britain is by no means without its own financial pitfalls.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Living in the South East of England

English: The City of London skyline as viewed ...
The South East of England is a highly popular place to live. Companies like Cala Homes regularly sell homes throughout the counties in this part of the world. It’s one of the biggest investment locations in the whole of the UK. There are so many advantages to living here which simply aren’t available living elsewhere. Here are some of the reasons why people want to live in this area.

The Transport Links

The South East of England is an important part of the country economically, especially in shipping. Most of the UK’s trade with Europe comes through ports somewhere in the South East. It’s led to a great deal of investment in the transport infrastructure. It’s the home of the UK’s only high-speed rail system which goes straight up to London.

It’s easy to get to the city of London for business. A lot of workers commute into London from the southeast each day via road and rail.

The presence of the ports makes it easy to get to Europe. Dover is in the South East and is the main sea link to the continent. Countries like Belgium, the Netherlands, and France are within easy reach for travellers living here.

The Weather

England doesn’t have the best reputation for its weather, but the South East receives some of the lowest levels of rainfall and the most sunny days out of the entire country – hence why so many tourists spend time here. People who prefer milder weather throughout the year and nice summers will love staying in a place like Kent.

Good Job Prospects

The South East plays host to many of the government’s job creation schemes. As one of the most important parts of the country, it regularly gains investment from Westminster. Due to its solid transport system, it’s simple to commute to the likes of London, Canterbury, and Dover for work.

There are good job prospects for everyone because of its proximity to the capital. People of any background can move here as long as they want to work.

House Prices

It can be a worthwhile investment to buy a house in the South East. House prices have a history of constantly going up in the long-term, despite the recent problems with the national housing market. 

Investors tend to target the South East because of the pool of buyers and sellers, with many people choosing the area for their second homes and summer residences.

Diversity of Environment

The area is similar to the county of Yorkshire in the north. There are so many different environments to experience. There are cities for those who want to reside in an urban environment and small country villages for those with a more rural calling. There are woods where people can relax and beaches where they can have fun with the kids.

It’s a place where anyone can experience something they love, and this is why it’s such a prime location to buy a home.

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