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Saturday, March 3, 2018

4 Ways Divorced Parents Can Financially Support Their Kids

Divorced Parents
While divorces can be bitter for parents, divorces can be devastating for any children involved. One way to ensure that your children are properly cared for and don’t feel that you’ve abandoned them is to continue to financially support them in essential ways. 

Below, you will find some of the most beneficial ways that divorced parents can financially support their kids.

Place Your Children on Your Health Insurance

In this economy, healthcare is becoming the most talked-about topic for many families. Health issues and accidents can occur without warning and to any member of your household. This is especially true for your children. 

To ensure that your children obtain the best healthcare coverage without accruing crippling medical debt, add your children to your work or private healthcare insurance. This will also help to pay for eyeglasses, dental care, and psychological counseling if it’s needed after the divorce.

Court Mandated Child Support

Some marriages do not end amicably. When love ends and a marriage dies, sometimes, it requires lawyers and a family court judge to help figure out how to fairly split the possessions and money which you’ve accumulated as a married couple. 

If you have children, family court is also responsible for deciding the custody of the children and calculating child support payments. These child support payments are a very standard way of financially supporting your kids. 

The amount of child support can be agreed upon during a meeting with your family lawyer, but can also be altered by the divorce court judge if they see fit.

Opt to Pay for School Supplies

As technology in our schools continues to advance, the price tag on classroom instruments and supplies are also advancing. Children are coming home with school supply lists that can get into the hundreds of dollars. 

Your children are unable to pay for these expensive supplies, so a great way to use your financial resources to continue to support your children would be to take them out on a school supplies shopping trip.

Foot the Bill for Their Yearly Wardrobe

Children experience several growth spurts during their younger years. These growth spurts require that new clothes be purchased for the children to fit their larger frames. This can quickly become an expensive necessity for your children. 

Consider taking your children out to purchase new clothes when they need them to help your child feel confident when they return to school.

A small way to help financially support your children after a divorce can also be to give them a weekly allowance. Although their allowance may only be a few dollars a week, they’ll purchase beloved games or treats with that money and think of you while enjoying them.

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