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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Family Reunions: How To Have A Big Party For Cheap

Throwing any large event can be an overwhelming experience at best. With so many intricate moving parts that have to be timed and executed perfectly, many people choose to hire a professional event planner to handle everything. 

For some, however, this isn't an option, and for others, the idea of throwing an event is a challenge that is too thrilling to resist.

Throwing a family reunion event can be especially challenging as it's normal to want to make everyone in your family happy. 

Most likely, if you are throwing this type of event, you will want the best of everything, but sometimes this just isn't financially feasible. Luckily, we have some tips for how to make this type of event spectacular without extraordinary spending on your part.

DIY Your Decorations

Thanks to Pinterest making your own decorations for any event is easier than ever. Even the least crafty person in the world can find simple tutorials that will result in a beautifully-decorated party. 
Then not only will your party look awesome, but everyone will also be super impressed.

Opt For A Local Restaurant Instead Of A Professional Caterer

Good food is a party essential, but hiring a professional caterer can cost you several thousands of dollars. 

Instead, explore local food businesses in your area. Chances are the cost per head will be significantly cheaper, and the food might taste even better. 

Provide Your Own Alcohol

It may be tempting to hire a professional bar service for the event, but consider buying alcohol in bulk and hiring one to two people to act as bartenders for the evening. 

You will save thousands of dollars and you can be more particular about the alcohol that's served. This website walks you through the steps required to purchase alcohol for an event of any size. 

Also, make sure to buy beer, champagne and wine by the case to save costs. For instance, manufacturers like JJ Buckley Fine Wine will allow you to purchase alcohol in large quantities conveniently online.

Consider An Alternative Venue

Big, fancy catering halls may be dripping in luxury but they are also incredibly expensive, costing anywhere from $10,000 to $80,000 depending on where you live for the room alone. 

There are many alternative venues which are tens of thousands of dollars cheaper, so do some research in your area. Some excellent alternatives to traditional catering halls include outdoor public parks, historic home properties and church halls.

While throwing a big event can cause even the calmest person enormous stress, these simple ways to save money can help reduce feelings of being overwhelmed. 

All of these steps listed above are easy to execute and will result in big savings while allowing you to throw your beloved family members the party of their lives.

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