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Thursday, August 26, 2021

5 Top Financial Thought Leaders to Start Following in 2021

In today’s knowledge economy, intellectual capital is the most valuable resource. Becoming an entrepreneurial leader like Sanjiv Bajaj in the financial services domain not only requires experience and expertise, but also insights of industry leaders. 

Here is where sage learning and singular vision intermingle to produce innovation that finds currency in the market.

To tap into a stream of rich ideas, follow these 5 top financial thought leaders.

Anthony Clervi, Investor & Entrepreneur, Una

Anthony has a ton of experience in the investment, procurement, and supply chain industries. He draws from these wells to empower business leaders with actionable resources. 

He runs a thought leadership blog and is frequently invited to share his insights on podcasts. He is looked on by peers as the quintessential millennial leader and he believes that at heart, he is a “practitioner and an inspirer”.

Sucharita Mukherjee, CEO and Co-founder, Kaleidofin

Sucharita has been recognized as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. Using an inclusive approach to digital disruption in finance, she uplifts underbanked customers with tailor-made fintech solutions with Kaleidofin. 

She is among the highly esteemed inclusive fintech leaders in the world and works towards providing a better tomorrow for the excluded. Her experience at Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank in London enables her to pursue the goal of developing the informal finance sector. 

With financial inclusion in the crosshairs, she’s working on paving an easier way to access capital markets.

Wendy De La Rosa, Co-founder, Common Cents Lab

Head of research at Common Cents Lab, Wendy’s forte lies in using behavioral science to aid financial planning. Her website is chock full of case studies and resources, all designed to improve the financial health of those in the low- to moderate-income categories. A TED speaker, Wendy helped Google kick start its opening behavioral economics unit. 

Some of her works are published on Forbes, PBS Newshour, Scientific American, and TechCrunch. Through her work, she delivers better customer engagement and retention and improves product design, strategy, and revenue.

Varun Dua, CEO, ACKO General Insurance

Varun certainly knows the secrets of becoming an entrepreneurial leader – his insurtech start-up ACKO, succeeded in raising $30 million in seed funding even before it was launched! His interests lie in start-ups, online product management, financial services, insurance, and technology, and he is credited with launching India’s insurance journey into the digital era.

A key part of his strategy with ACKO is to be direct. Varun believes that the customer is best served through easy accessibility. Forging this direct relationship is crucial to his business model and long-term success. 

ACKOs methodology of meeting the customer, at the point of need, is by design, achieved through smart partnership choices. It is this kind of forward-thinking that lends itself to the modern and older generation customer.

René Lacerte, CEO and Founder,

René is a well-known name in the global fintech market and his platform,, is used by countless entities worldwide, including big banks like Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase. 

Hailing from a family that founded 15 companies in 100 odd years, René’s thought leadership is the overflow of 20 years of experience in software, finance, and payments.

The wisdom and actions of prodigious financial leaders in India and across the world shape the future. Cultivating this art of leaning into cutting-edge concepts and marrying it with modern-day innovation is a surefire way to become a successful Indian business entrepreneur.

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