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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Is Getting an MBA at 50 a Good Idea?

If you’re over 50 and still feel like you have a way to go before you’re ready to retire, going back to college in order to further your career might be something worth considering. 

More and more mature students in their 50’s and even older individuals are returning to education in order to learn more about the things that they are passionate about and give their career a huge boost in the last decade or so before retirement. 

But, is it a wise idea to get an MBA at 50?

Relaxed Entry Requirements

One of the best things about pursuing an MBA when you’re over the age of 50 is that the entry requirements are likely going to be relaxed for you. 

This is because whilst many colleges demand that applicants have already achieved an undergraduate college degree when applying for an MBA program, many will also take life experience into account for mature students. 

So, if you’ve never been to college but have worked in management, or even owned your own small business, you may be accepted onto an MBA course because of that. 

Flexible Study

With quality MBA courses in high demand from students as the qualification becomes more desirable in the corporate world, one of the biggest advantages of studying for an MBA today is that it can be done entirely online. 

Studying for a masters in business administration online can be done either full- or part-time, with a flexible and self-led approach that often suits mature students who have work and family commitments to fulfil along with their education. 

Online MBA programs are available from a range of business schools, some of which are amongst the most respected in the U.S. 

Learn Valuable Skills

Whether you’re hoping to be promoted in your workplace in order to be able to put more money towards your retirement or are planning to start a business in order to earn a passive income to fund it, taking an MBA after 50 can be a great way of achieving this. 

When you study for an MBA, you’ll learn valuable skills and knowledge, which can help you to achieve almost any business or related career goal that you have in mind. 


If you’re over 50 and are considering taking an MBA as an entrepreneur or in the hope of starting your own business, this course can be an excellent source of networking opportunities

Even if you decide to study online, your college will provide you with information about networking events that you can attend, and you may be able to network electronically with people such as tutors and speakers from your college. 

Good networking is essential to running a business and this course will give you the opportunity to meet with people who could influence and help your business ideas to grow.

No matter what age you are, an MBA is still one of the most respected and sought after qualifications in the business world. 

Studying for an MBA can definitely be a great step towards a comfortable retirement.

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