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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How to Minimize Binary Trading Risk Using Hedging

Binary Options trading is currently the latest trend in the trading industry. It is a very easy way of making quick bucks and is full of risks and surprises. Binary trading follows an all or nothing approach towards trading and this is the main reason why you need to hedge your investments.

Hedging is nothing but protecting your earnings by reducing the risk to as low a level as possible. 

Hedging is applied not only to binary options like call and put but also to future contracts and short selling. Hedging ensures that the profit you have right now is locked and has no chances of evaporating.

You might be aware that binary options trading is primarily short term in nature and usually lasts from an hour to a day, at the most. 

The market fluctuations are small and intermittent and you might gain profits even before your hour expires. You have the option of either holding the share or you can sell it. 

You would hold the shares if you think that the prices might further rise and you would sell it if you think that this is the highest your share will reach.

As far as hedging the profits is concerned, you have the following two options -

1. Full Hedging – Full Hedging means that you hedge your entire holding. This implies that you will sell all your shares by the end of the hour and collect all the profits. This would bring your overall risk element down as your full position is hedged against any adverse time the market might fall into. Most expert traders and binary option brokers go for this if they are willing to be on the safer side.

2. Partial Hedging – Partial Hedging is a much more risky way of hedging but is safer when you compare it to the risk you would have had you not taken any hedging at all. In this, you sell part of your holdings and hold the rest. If the market is going in the general direction of your expectations, then this would be a prudent move as you get some profits right now and might earn more if your estimates are correct.
Once you get familiarized with the concept of hedging, you would be able to maximize your profits with minimum risks. It would ensure that you have the safest holdings and would also reduce the element of uncertainty to a large extent.

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