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Monday, June 30, 2014

4 Ways Hiring a Cleaning Service Can Save Your Household Money this Summer

Some people are hesitant to hire a cleaning service because they believe they cannot afford it. To them, hiring a company to clean their home seems like an extra expense that can be avoided by simply performing the cleaning themselves. However, you may be surprised to learn that hiring a cleaning service can actually save your household money

Here are four reasons why this is the case. 

It Will Save You Time

Hiring a cleaning service means that you don't have to devote part of your day to tidy up your home. 
Apartment cleaning Chicago gives you the extra time and extra chance to be more productive with other home improvement projects, taking care of your kids, going to the gym, or whatever might be pressing on your agenda that you might need or want to accomplish. 

Besides, the cleaning service personnel will likely be able to finish the job faster than you would have if you had done it yourself. This is especially true if you work at home. You can use that saved time to complete a project faster and find more work. The increase in business can more than compensate for the cost of hiring an affordable cleaning service. 

It Will Improve Your Health and Energy Level

Businesses lose countless dollars each year when employees are unable to work due to illness, and the employees themselves often suffer lost wages. They are also forced to spend extra money on medicines and doctor visits. 

Hiring a cleaning service can lead to extra rest and relaxation. You will be spared from the strenuous work of keeping each room in your house clean. This will significantly reduce the odds of becoming sick and missing work. 

Making Items Easier To Find

The clutter of a messy home often leads to difficulties finding items. Many people simply give up and rush to the store to buy the product that they think that they have lost, only to find the original item later. The same people also have problems finding important documents like bills or they have trouble finding other important items like their checkbook. 

With a clean and well-organized home you will have no trouble finding the things that are most important that allow your daily life to function. Therefore, a well-organized house, it will be much easier to find things, saving you money on replacements, hassle, and stress. 

It Inspires You

Having a clean home gives many people an emotional boost. Many of us take great pride in having a beautiful home. It reduces stress and helps them become more productive. This can translate to increased productivity and extra income. For example, if you are a writer or an artist by hobby or profession, a clean and well-organized home will allow you to be inspired with new and improved ideas. 

This might even allow you to come up with your own personal masterpiece. Perhaps that masterpiece you came up with will cause a change in the world around you. Just keep in mind that the most successful and brightest people out there have one thing in common, they all have a well-organized, clean home or environment around them.


Make sure to do diligent research before hiring a cleaning company. You should check out each company's website to see what they have to offer. Make sure to contact them for more information about their services and hourly rates. However, above all else, make sure the hiring a cleaning service right for you and make sure you hire the right cleaning service for your needs.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Autumn Clean Up Checklist for Seniors

Just when you thought you’d never have another major clean up like spring cleaning, think again. Fall is coming and you need to gear up once more and prepare your home for the coming new season. For most, cleaning is not fun at all, but when you’ve rid your house of every speck of dust and dirt and made it look shiny and new, you’ll realize that it can actually be a very therapeutic activity. 

If you’re not as young as you used to be, you’re going to need a little help from your children--or perhaps grandchildren--to make it easier to finish all chores before fall arrives. To make it easier for you to keep track of tasks to do, here is an autumn clean up checklist.

Inside the House

Sometimes, what takes time in cleaning is deciding where and what task to start on. You can get overwhelmed with the multitude of things to be done and you want to start everything all at once. Breathe and take it easy. Check with 
NYC maid services  to simplify things for you, start from top to bottom. 

You can begin with the attic and work your way down to the rooms. Tidy up your things in the attic and check if there are any roof leaks. Make sure that your light fixtures at your ceiling like chandeliers are cleaned.

Clean One Room at a Time

Aside from laundering all pillows and beddings, you’re going to need to rotate your mattresses. Ask for help from your grandchildren in flipping the bed and taking the laundry to the laundromat. 

You need to tackle your closet as well, de-cluttering it and rearranging it so that your fall/winter clothes will be within easy reach. You can also donate some old clothing so that you can clear some space in your wardrobe.

Outside the House

Pressure washing your house is a must especially since it helps you to pinpoint areas that may need paint or perhaps a touch-up. There’s a need for you to check out the caulking as well as the weather seals on your doors and windows so that heat won’t escape your house easily in the coming cold season. 

This will help you manage your heating bill. Make sure your exhaust pipe isn’t clogged because if it is, it can pose a fire hazard.

Some Important Reminders

When cleaning inside, make sure carpets and rugs are cleaned properly. Investing in one of those smart household robots will help you thoroughly clean under those bigger pieces of furniture and other areas that are hard to reach. After sweeping out and vacuuming the fireplace, make sure you schedule an inspection by a professional. 

Check your smoke as well as carbon dioxide detectors to see if they are in good working order. Fill up your family emergency kit so that you will be prepared for any contingency.

Bond with Family After Cleaning

If you make cleaning a family project, it can actually be a fun and therapeutic activity. You can bond with your grandchildren with rewards like baked treats once they’re finished with their tasks.

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