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Thursday, July 21, 2016

How Can you Improve Your Brand On Instagram?

Instagram is a platform for the visual niche where you can grow your brand easily. It is the place for displaying your photography skills as well as promotes your product well. 

Here are some methods, through which you can improve your brand on Instagram.

Identify Ideal Follower: You must identify the right followers on Instagram. After identifying your target market, you need to determine which people are actually getting attracted to your brand. 

Just few hours of research will help you to identify the right followers. You must look at some of the metrics like:

  • What are the kinds of photos which are preferred by the followers?
  • What types of persons you wish to attract?
  • Which are the popular hash tags within your niche?
  • What are the successful accounts which are already followed by some users within the same niche?

Ways To Interact Through Instagram: There are various social media signals through which you can interact.

# Follow

For obtaining individual attention, following is the easiest way on Instagram. Within the notification feed, the following option is shown as the separate item, where it cannot be clubbed with other items.

# Comment

Commenting is the strategy with high effectiveness, if you do it carefully. It can appear to be spammy and can surely put your account at risk if you automate the process. 

You should not find the comment section as the place of your advertisement. If you have any doubts regarding the usage , you can visit

# Tag

User names can be displayed if his photo is being tapped on. Just like the follow , the users get the notification in a particular item within the specific activity feed. But these activities are only used for the users whom you personally know. But when you are tagging people, you do not know it can appear to be very spammy.

# Hash tags

For improving the quantity of following , you can also use as the effective method. The hash tags must be relevant with your brand and must sound interesting. 

For example, if you are involved into the event management business, you can use hash tag like #awesomemusicevent . It is one of the ways by which you can get connected with your audience.

# Direct message

A photo message can be sent to each user so that communication can become specific to the user. The followers, who have commented a lot about your business or brand, can be considered as the interested users. 

These interested users can be communicated specifically through direct messages. The comments must include calls to action so that the users can immediately take the action.

# User engagement

The users must be encouraged for adding hash tags. You can request the users to add hash tags to your photos. They can also tag some users whom they know well. This helps in adding references in your list. Try encouraging the users to like and comment in your photos. 

If you have included any link in your profile, encourage the users to click on them. You can also share various types of media and lifestyle photos. For increasing the engagement, you can use photos with quotes.

Try to identify your target market and interact with them properly. Your brand will only be visible if more and more users start to like, follow and tag them. Hash tags can also be helpful if you can use them in a relevant manner. 

Use the above mentioned methods to improve the communication with your followers. And don’t forget to share other simple methods which you are using for improving your online brand.

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