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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Peer-To-Peer Lending an Alternative to Big Banking

One of the newest trends happening online is Peer-to-Peer services. This business model of connecting people to people to provide a service is growing more every day. Some examples of peer-to-peer businesses are Airbnb (lodging), Kickstarter (project funding), and TaskRabbit (to-do lists). These companies are growing because they provide services at a personal level. The business model of dealing with large, impersonal companies is no longer your only option. Whether you're choosing a place to vacation, fund your start-up, or borrow money.

Five years ago the peer-to-peer way to borrow money online was started by Internet Company "Lending Club". Lending Club offered an alternative to large commercial banks that scaled back their lending during the financial crisis. They offer to be the middle man between borrowers who couldn't borrow and lenders who were looking to get a higher return on their cash. Lending Club provided the structures to make this happen and they have been successful ever since.

The Internet has made it possible for peer-to-peer businesses to offer their services around the world. UK peer to peer lending company Folk2Folk has a different twist on peer-to-peer lending. They are looking for individuals who are able to lend £25,000 or more. They offer secured loans on non-residential property to individuals and businesses. Folk2Folk does the banks one better by processing a secured loan in seven to ten days. This tops the time that regular banking takes, which is usually is months, to fund a loan. 

We are seeing the future with the growth of Peer-to-peer services. Even Internet giant Google sees the potential of this type of lending. Recently, Google invested $125M in Lending Club in the U.S. while in the U.K. Zopa announced that they are putting in new safeguards to protect lenders funds and Funding Circle starting to do secured loans. With Google's investment, we are seeing peer-to-peer lending services becoming mainstream. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lending Club Review - Person To Person Lending Networks

Person to person lending networks are the latest way for people to get a loan and they also are a great way to make an income by investing. For many years, we have been in an environment of low interest rates for savers. Trying to find an investment with a reasonable risk level and a profitable return rate has been impossible.

Today, many investors are turning to person to person lending networks to get a decent rate of return on their money. For the last few years Lending Club has given that high rate of return and given borrowers a place to access loans to pay off credit card balances and other debts. 

Steps To Getting Started Investing In Person To Person Lending Networks

1.) Open An Account

The first step of course is to open an investment account. Investment accounts with the best person to person lending networks are generally free to open, and you can get started browsing the listings and types of investments available even before you want to get started and deposit any money!

2.) Choose Which Investments You Want To Make

The next step is to choose which types of investments you would like to make. Do you want to invest in person to person loans? If so, decide which types you would like to invest in and how much you would like to put into them. Some people choose loans with a higher credit grade because they are more stable and consistent, other people choose loans with a lower credit grade because, while they can be more risky, the profits from interest rates is usually higher.

You also want to decide if you want to put money into longer term loans or shorter term loans, and where you want to invest a little in several loans and diversify your investments or put a lot of money in just a few loans, both strategies can be very profitable.

3.) Start Investing!

Once you've completed the first two steps, it's time to get started! Once you start investing in the places or loans you've chosen, you can start to see your money and earnings come rolling in. This is an amazing feeling after you're made your investment, and can really make you feel good, especially when you start seeing nice profits and earnings from the investments that you've made!

Now it's time to get started with a great investment account that's free to open!

If you're looking to get started investing, with a lot or a little, open your FREE Online Investment Account and get started at Lending Club! Here you can invest in an IRA account, invest in peer to peer lending and online loans, and much, much more!

You could earn money than you ever thought possible investing online, with 20 Consecutive Quarters Of Profits, you can start with a little bit or a lot, and have an amazing opportunity to earn a consistent, very impressive and incredible income investing at Lending Club, get started investing today!

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