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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lexis Nexis Provides Documents to Professionals

Lexis Nexis Since its founding in 1977 — long before the World Wide Web came along — Lexis Nexis has been serving lawyers all around the world by providing them with a database that they can use to refer to legal and journalistic documents. 

Millions of people who work in the legal profession rely on Lexis for the information that they need on various topics — bankruptcy law, family law, torts, crimes and everything else. And more than 15,000 people are employed by the company. 

What Lexis provides 

The innumerable products available from Lexis include publications in the forms of loose leaf files, newsletters and online texts that are updated as often as necessary. On the subject of bankruptcy, for instance, there is a loose leaf file also available online that covers the following subjects: 

  • causes and consequences of bankruptcy prior transactions distribution  
  • priorities discharge 
  • annulment bankruptcy-free arrangements trustees acts
  • regulations regarding bankruptcy
  • legislation related thereto rules federal court forms
  • forms approved by the ITSA affidavit precedents 

In all, there are five documents in the Australian database under the subject of “insolvency and bankruptcy.” 

Lexis also provides extensive support and training for researchers in the form of video and audio recordings.

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