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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Signs Your Aging Loved One Would Benefit From Assisted Living

If you have a parent or another beloved family member who’s aging, they may need additional help to manage everyday life. Facilities that provide living assistance can help elderly residents perform many daily tasks and help keep them safe while giving each person enough freedom to feel more independent. 

If your loved one is showing any of these signs, the two of you should discuss the benefits of living assistance to determine if this option is right for them.

Frequent Accidents

Accidents that happen often can put your loved one’s health and safety in jeopardy. Falls, lacerations, and head injuries can afflict your loved one if frequent accidents occur. 

A facility that provides assistance with everyday living can monitor your aging family member better to decrease their chances of getting hurt in accidents.


Everyone forgets things from time to time, and elderly people are often more prone to memory challenges. However, if your loved one is forgetting things often and is having a lot of trouble functioning in everyday life because of it, you should consider moving them into an assisted living facility. 

Your loved one’s memory difficulties may be especially concerning if they forget to take important medications frequently. Your loved one may also need living assistance if they often get lost when they leave the home.

Cleanliness Problems

If your loved one’s personal hygiene and home cleanliness aren’t up to standard, it might be time to move them into a facility that provides living assistance. 

Neglecting to bathe or clean the home regularly can lead to a variety of health problems that may be especially harmful to elderly people who have weaker immune systems. 

The best facilities that help the elderly always ensure that each person receives the proper bathing and housekeeping for maximum cleanliness.

Mental Health Decline

The elderly are often especially vulnerable to depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. These mental health struggles may cause your loved one to become more withdrawn and less interested in life. 

Professionals who work at facilities that provide living assistance can monitor your loved one’s mental health better and encourage them to engage in social activities that can help combat many mental health challenges. 

The facility will also make sure that your loved one is taking any prescribed medications that may be needed to treat symptoms that are associated with certain mental health conditions.

Your loved one shouldn’t have to live life alone as they age. If any of these problems are standing in the way of a safe and happy life for your loved one, a facility that assists with everyday living may be the answer.

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