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Thursday, October 26, 2017

5 Tips On How to Make Money Playing Golf

Make Money Playing Golf
A lot of people end up resenting their jobs due to stress and workload. One particularly relaxing outdoor activity is golfing. If you are a fan, regardless of the level your game is at, there are opportunities for you to mix business and pleasure

Here is how you can earn some money on the side while having fun and give your day job a rest from high expectations and the never-ending rat race.

Be a crash dummy

… Luckily, not in a literal sense and in a very safe environment. There are companies paying mystery shoppers to evaluate various experiences offered by various businesses. This refers to the golf industry as well. 

There are companies which are willing to pay you for playing one of your favorite games and evaluating your experience related to the certain course afterword. Not too shabby at all!

Test equipment

You can apply with various companies to use different pieces of golfing equipment or golf balls in order to test them. All you need to do once you have obtained the object you need to test, is see how it responds to certain criteria given by the manufacturer, leave your comment, and grade your overall experience. 

You can also benefit from this by observing the equipment and it’s preferences from a whole new angle and thus improve your game.


This essentially refers to those who have studied architecture and are fond of golf. You can use your architectural knowledge to carve the landscape but more importantly, you need to know what it feels like to play on the course and what it is that the players are looking for and enjoying the most in order to be able to do your job effectively. 

Of course, you can always run a survey to find out, but it is much easier if you are personally familiar with the rules and have experienced the game.

Be good and win

Here is an obvious way of earning money doing any chosen thing. Invest your time and your effort in being the best or one of the best. Be dedicated and organize your schedule so as to allow you enough time to practice. 

The best golf training by Swingeagle is the one where you repeatedly manage to get the ball as close as possible to your target by using approximately the same movement when pitching. Once you feel you are in control and you can rely on your technique more than you do on your luck, you are good to go.

Be good and endorse

Marketing is an ever-growing part of any industry. If you prove to be a good marketing tool, you will shower in money. You can either be an extremely good player or just a good one but with a lot of charisma. 

Whatever the reason for your popularity may be, if people take interest in you or look up to you, you can expect offers from various businesses asking you to endorse their products. 

Most of these will be for sports equipment but looking at the culture and tradition behind the sport, you may catch an eye of the fashion industry.

Alongside tennis, golf has a long history of being a game for the privileged. This has been changing within the last couple of decades but the industry still consists of a great number of reputable clubs attended by the rich. 

Consequently, a lot of money is circulating and there are a lot of different opportunities for it to end up in your pocket. Be wise and creative in finding ways and never forget to have fun.

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