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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Management Tips for Succeeding in Your Small Business Venture

Efficient management of a small business includes proper time management and effective management of employees and resources. It is always a good idea to learn novel techniques of business management to manage the diverse aspects of your small business better and to make it far more productive. Your life could be a lot easier.

Adopt Aggressive Management Tactics

It could really be fruitful if you are aggressive while managing your business particularly if you are constantly behind your competitors. 

If you wish to stay ahead of the competition, you must be willing to work even outside your so-called comfort zone and take the necessary risks. It is mandatory to take some risks if you wish to forge ahead in your business.

If you could anticipate all the consequences to follow as a result of a certain risk, you could then take a wise decision. 

You may avoid taking risks which may lead to your organization’s closure. Have faith in yourself and confidence in your decisions. Once you have made a decision, simply move ahead and wait to reap the ultimate benefits of your decision.

Open a Commercial Account in a Bank

Expert financial management is necessary for the ultimate success of a small business. Money matters cannot be taken lightly and are very critical to the survival and stability of your business as the key function of any business is primarily to generate income. 

Numerous business owners do not realize the importance of investments in the initial stages and as a result, they make losses and often are forced to shut down.

Your business should be recognized as an independent entity. So you must begin by opening a commercial account in a bank. The account should be in the registered name of the business you own. 

One most important tip is never to mix personal money with business money. You may opt for a friendly and small commercial bank. All the cash from your business should be diverted or transferred to this account. This is helpful in creating a line of credit and you could easily use this particular bank account for getting finances or loans if and when required.

Do Proper Bookkeeping

Proper bookkeeping is crucial to the success of your business. You may do the bookkeeping yourself if you are competent enough or it is better to hire professional accountants. 

Professional accountants would come in handy handling tax forms and year-end financial statements.

However, if you do not wish to hire an accountant right away, you could carry on proper bookkeeping by using effective computer software which makes it an easy and convenient affair. You could simply fill in the figures. 

The software would do the rest. This software is effective in generating invoices, keeping track of receivable and payable accounts and also, the total spending.

Explore & Keep Track of Diverse Payment Options

Today customers could pay for products and services via numerous payment options. They could be utilizing credit cards, debit cards, electronic cash transfer or even the good old checks. 

For a successful business, you must keep track of payment modes. Cash payments do not need any processing time and so they are easy payments whereas, an electronic transfer method or card needs ample processing time. You should consider developing an effective system which would ensure a consistent flow of business.

Follow Payment Terms

You should consider having a clear-cut payment terms policy. All your customers are required to adhere to this.

Make Debt Collection Compulsory

Debt collection is regarded as a necessary evil related to every business whether big or small. As your business grows and you consider extending lines of credit to your customers, you are often confronted with the risk of late payment or even non-payment. 

It is compulsory to keep chasing customers for these payments as they are an integral part of your business cash flow. Debt collection is undoubtedly, a legal procedure and you are free to hire an expert debt collection professional for collecting all the pending payments from delinquent customers.


Management of a business does not simply mean financial management strategies only. It implies effective management of employees as well. Effective management of employees does not only entail delegation of responsibility and performance appraisal and evaluation. 

Employees would certainly be much more efficient and productive if they develop a feeling of loyalty towards the organization. Needless to say, this sense of loyalty could be triggered by the actions of the company toward the employees and vice versa.

Monetary matters are a cause of concern for all employees and often major expenses like medical expenses, vehicle lease, and car repairs could be pretty worrisome and distracting. 

You could consider helping them in setting up an employees’ fund where both you and the employees would be donating. Employees could use this when they need personal financing. Make loans that are available to all your employees even though, these loans would require being paid back eventually. 

This could be a good way of winning employees’ loyalty.

Author Bio: Tara Faraday is a financial advisor and blogger. After graduating three years ago, she has been working actively for a top private finance firm and also runs a financial advice and wealth management blog which talks about bankruptcy, budgeting, leasing, loaning and sites like

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