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Thursday, June 29, 2017

6 Office Organization Tips That Boost Efficiency

There are so many distractions and ill thought-out uses of space in the office. These diversions within an office are known to be counterproductive. 

The pointers below are meant to simplify the process of navigating inside of your workplace and in turn increase the speed and accuracy in which tasks are completed. 

Control The Volume

A busy office can be a huge distraction. Make sure that you and other employees have the option to work in peace. It is imperative to have noise cancellation systems in place. 

Depending on the activity in your office, you may need noise cancelling headsets or dividers, cubicles or to shut doors in order for your employees to be able to think clearly above all the racket. 

This doesn’t mean that you should be working in dead silence. Some light background music has been known to create a relaxing atmosphere. This type of environment will boost efficiency.

Organize Your Desk

Each employee should preferably arrange their monitor and other equipment how they like and in a way that is most convenient for their own style of work. However, the desk needs to be neat and tidy. 

A cluttered desk is not an efficient one. It draws your thoughts away from your task. You need to be able to find what you need quickly. There should be a limited number of items on your desk. Only what is absolutely necessary. Anything that is not used daily should be stashed in drawers. 

Create a Common Area

Employees who socialize during or outside of work hours are known to work better as a team

Give your employees a chance to get to know each other by creating a welcoming common area. This could be as simple as a table and some chairs. The point is that people will gladly gather around to take a break, get away from their desks, clear their heads and have a chat, therefor forming bonds. 

It could also be an ideal place for solving work-related issues. All of the above makes for a more productive office. 

Rethink Your Layout

Are the desks and other furniture placed in a way that makes sense for your office dynamic? Are the screens of the computer monitors turned away from natural light, therefor lessening the glare? 

Would an open plan arrangement, where ideas can be tossed back and forth, benefit your business? Here is a wild idea. Arrange the desks and computers in a way which enables everyone in the room to see each other’s’ screens. This may seem drastic, but it is a sure way to increase productivity. 

Organize Your Files

We are all too familiar with the fact that documents need to be stored meticulously. This includes digital files. You should use the same sorting system that you use for hard copies and it should be unified throughout the office. 

It will make it so much easier for anyone who needs it to access them, especially in the case of your absence. Whatever system works best; categories, alphabetical, numerical, ect., it is crucial that everyone is on the same page when it comes to filing. 

Documents and papers need to be dealt with the moment they enter the office, otherwise they will get lost. 

Keep It Within Reach

Each item in your office should have a designated space. The things you use several times a day should be within arm’s reach- cutting down on the time it takes you to get them. 

The things that you use periodically should be easy to find but stored away in cabinets or on shelves. Finally come the things that you do not need at the moment, but cannot throw away. 

If you do need to keep hardcopies, for example (and you almost always do at least for a certain number of years), storage Brisbane based providers suggest that you select a unit that will house all of the archived files until you no longer need them.

Creating a pleasant and organized atmosphere will most definitely have a huge impact on your productivity at work. 

These tips will not only make your office more efficient, they will make it more bearable to come to work each morning, knowing that you are walking into a work-friendly space.

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