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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Simple Points To Keep In Mind While Availing Of Online Personal Loan

A notable shift in the credit behavior enabled most borrowers to drift toward unsecured advances like a personal loan. The popularity of this unsecured credit is boosted primarily due to millennial borrowers, according to a recent report.

In the last two financial years, around 41% of personal loan borrowers are within the age bracket between 18 and 30 years.

Overall, this unsecured credit is anticipated to grow at 10% by 2025.

Various financial institutions improved their loan application process, leading to shorter processing time, online loan service, the flexibility of fund usage, and more. 

However, before applying for a personal loan, individuals must consider certain crucial pointers to maximize benefits.

Things to keep in mind when availing personal loan

In the past few years, personal loans have become popular among young-age borrowers as it is a convenient way of financing a range of personal and professional requirements. 

Many lending institutions extend affordable personal loan solutions to customers. However, there are certain points that one needs to follow before a personal loan apply to suit their requirements.

Assess your financial requirements

Before opting for a personal loan, the first important step is to confirm that you have efficiently estimated your costs and financial requirements. 

Apart from this, you also need to understand the purpose of availing of the credit. While applying for a personal loan, it is essential to understand the interest rates applicable and the EMI. This is because; one needs to repay the amount in EMIs and requires a surplus amount to meet repayment expenses. 

For this, borrowers need to carefully assess their financial standing to ensure meeting financial obligations.

Consider the right loan amount

Individuals must assess their requirements and decide which one needs to be financed. Some purposes for taking a personal loan can be financing higher education or wedding, planning holidays, etc. 

Depending on the prices and expenses related to your requirements, you can understand how much you need to borrow.

Maintain a healthy credit score

The first thing checked by a lender when you apply for a personal loan is the credit score. If your credit score is 750 or more, the lender will gladly offer you credit. 

However, a lower credit score indicates bad debt management, resulting in loan application rejection. Therefore, it is essential to know about the ideal CIBIL score for a personal loan before applying for it. 

One can maintain a credit score by repaying their dues on time, maintaining a strict credit utilization ratio, avoiding applying for multiple credits, etc.

Compare interest rates

Before applying for a personal loan or any other credit, comparing interest rates offered by multiple lenders in the market is essential. Individuals with a healthy credit score and good repayment history can negotiate with the lender for the lowest interest rate on a personal loan. 

Since a little difference in interest rate can significantly impact the loan tenor, individuals must carefully compare the rates offered by different lenders in the market to avail of the most suitable one.

Evaluate your repayment ability

Before acquiring an online personal loan, it is essential to structure your repayment. Regardless of the loan amount, individuals are liable to repay on time. It is crucial not only to clear the debts but also to maintain a decent credit score. 

Therefore, checking the interest rate, tenor and EMI, and overall borrowing cost is essential. In this regard, one can use a personal loan calculator to evaluate EMIs in advance and manage finances accordingly.

Check eligibility specified by the lender

Another essential factor that one needs to consider before ensuring a successful application for a personal loan is to check the eligibility parameters set by the lender. 

Most lenders ask for the borrower’s age, income, employment status, etc. Once knowing these parameters, individuals will know about the minimum requirements of these factors. 

Although these qualifying parameters differ across lenders, the fundamental parameters remain the same.

Therefore, taking notes of these pointers allows individuals to avail the most affordable credit and ensure hassle-free repayment.

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How to apply for a personal loan?

To apply for a personal loan from leading financial institutions like Bajaj Finserv, individuals can follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Select ‘Apply online to open the online application form

Step 2: Input a few details and verify the OTP sent to the registered mobile number

Step 3: Submit KYC and income details

Step 4: Select the loan quantum you wish to borrow

Step 5: Now, submit your loan application

After this, one of the representatives will contact you for further proceedings.

Apart from obtaining personal loans, individuals can also look at the pre-approved offers extended by these reputed financial institutions. 

These offers are available on a wide range of secured and unsecured financial products that ensure a streamlined and hassle-free loan application process. Therefore, borrowers can check their pre-approved offers by mentioning their names and contact details.

To sum up, individuals should consider personal loan charges before opting for credit. Therefore, keeping these pointers above in mind, one can avail of the best personal loan to meet their liquidity crisis.

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