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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Online Gaming Attracting More Boomer Players

Ask anyone about online gaming and they will tell you it's for kids. Believe it or not the opposite is true. Online games attract players from all age groups. Gamers today come from a wide cross section of the population.

The kinds of games they play and the different places they play are numerous. If you sampled the ages of online gamers playing your average game you would find the ages ranging from 20 years old all the way up to baby boomers and sometimes older.

A survey done by the Online Gaming Association(OGA) in 2012 noted, 25 percent of adults older than 55, are online everyday passing the time playing games. This percentage isn't so amazing knowing that only one year earlier the percentage was just 10 percent. Players are online using their phones, desktop computers, or their console gaming stations to get online. Lots of 50 plus gamers have included online gaming as a big part of their entertainment time.

A paper put together by the Wiggins Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT), titled “Baby Boomer Gamers Scoring with Online Gaming” revealed that Boomers love to play online games. The study showed that 88% enjoy the Mental Challenge, 76% regard the Social Interaction appealing, followed by 75% enjoying Problem Solving, 63% like the Adventuring and Organizing.

The array of games to play online is vast. But one of the most popular ones is Bingo. You may think you know Bingo but learning the art of bingo online is even more fun. The main reason it is so much fun is because it is one of the most social online games. While you are playing you can converse with others players around you. Many people play bingo because they can play online with their friends. Even if you play alone and do not know anyone, I assure you before you know it you will make friends as you play.

Unlike many online games, you aren't playing against each other. No, you are all playing together as a group. You are all trying to win, plus the camaraderie and fun you are having make it a enjoyable time.

Bingo is also fun because it is possible to win some money. Unlike many types of gambling games, it is not over quickly. As time passes and the numbers are called the excitement builds contributing to the games enjoyment. Games can last a couple of minutes and longer. It's an easy game to play and fun for even the new player. You're just as able to win a game if you are new player or a veteran player. Have fun!

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