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Monday, July 8, 2019

Outdoor Activities to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

If we’re honest with ourselves, we can admit to living in a modern age full of stressors, daily pressure to perform at the highest standard and to be in near constant communication with others through social media. 

Existing perfectly within our modern society is nearly impossible. Whether you’re feeling the strain of “making appearances” in person and online, or just feel stressed by our daily work lives, you might end each day feeling ready to head the hay and the snooze button in the morning.

It’s tough to create a healthy distance from the things that bring on a lot more negative emotions than we might be able to acknowledge initially. Surely, we don’t always have the opportunity to go off the grid, both figuratively and literally, whenever we want. 

There are ways to promote our mental and physical wellness while taking a short break from our everyday routines, and it’s relatively simple. Get outside!

Nature is a natural healer. It may seem like too simple of a solution, but studies show that even 90 minutes outside in a natural setting can lower our levels of stress and even lower out cholesterol. 

Engaging in activities outside that require a bit of exercise can be a huge plus. You’ll be doing yourself the favor by giving your mind time to relax and also receive the mental benefits of getting your body moving.

Go hiking 

Easy and affordable, hiking is a great activity to get yourself outdoors and on your way to a happier you. There are physical benefits to getting outdoors and challenging yourself on a long hike, but the mental benefits out-way even that. Go on your own, or as a loved one to join you. 

It’ll give you a chance to connect with yourself or someone else without the temptation of modern screens. Not only can a quick hike, or even walk around your local park, help you rebalance your mind, but like any exercise, you’ll also get a boost to your endorphins. That natural high can keep you going throughout an otherwise stress-filled day.

Take your yoga session outside 

This can benefit you in several ways. Yoga is already a great way to “actively rest”, it’s an easy enough activity to let your body heal from more strenuous workouts while relieving stress. Your body is engaged in a physical activity that boosts your strength, flexibility, and coordination, but the action of yoga is relaxing on your muscles and mind. 

Most people choose to do their yoga routines indoors or in a classroom setting, but if the weather’s nice, try taking your matt outside! Get your daily Vitamin D, while finding the ideal balance between exercise and meditation.


If you’re inclined to be outdoors for than more than a few hours, try out backpacking. Although even a short walk in the woods can be both mentally and physically beneficial, longer trips can give you the time you may need for personal reflection

Backpacking is an activity that can help you sit with your thoughts, figure out where you’re at emotionally, and even lead to a bit of self-therapy.

There are an endless amount of activities you can do outside that can help you promote some much-needed self-healing. If you don’t know where to start, the simplest thing to do is put down your phone, shut down your laptop, and take a few hours to yourself outside. 

Whether it’s in your own backyard, a park, or a nearby hiking trail. Give your mind the peace and quiet it deserves every now and again. 

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