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Monday, February 10, 2014

Pete - PASS (Portable Appliance Safety Services) Limited – 3 Reasons why you should have your Portable Electrical Appliances Tested

English: PAT Testing in the Workplace
English: PAT Testing in the Workplace (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
While we may spend the majority of our waking hours either at work or at home, these seemingly innocuous places can be the source of both hardship and injury. This is especially true when you consider the rate of injuries at home or in the workplace, which cost individuals and public organisations thousands of pounds every single year. These statistics only serve to underline the importance of taking a proactive approach to safety, as you look to safeguard the interests of both yourself and those around you.

3 Reasons why you should have your Appliances PAT Tested

With this in mind, there are multiple reasons why you should ensure that your domestic electrical appliances have been thoroughly tested. Consider the following: - 

The Importance of Creating a Safe Home Environment

If you have a family, it is crucial that they are able to develop and live in a safe domestic environment. This means that every single aspect of the home must be given careful consideration, as otherwise you could fall foul of the hidden dangers that lurk in each room. Electrical appliances can be particularly dangerous, especially if you have owned them for a while or they operate from a busy mains socket. Having these appliances tested by a PASS certified engineer will help to ensure that they operating safely and according to strict safety guidelines.

The Burden Ownership

While it stands to reason that new appliances will have been thoroughly tested prior to being released onto the consumer market, all electrical goods that are known to experience wear and tear over time or a period of concerted use. Even accounting for the impact that technological advancement has had on improving the efficiency and longevity of electrical appliances, individual items can develop significant faults if left unchecked. To negate this risk, you should consider having appliances PAT tested regularly by a local service provider.

Obtain the Best Possible Value for Money

Whenever you purchase a high value appliance or white goods, you are making a significant investment. It is important that you respect this, initially by buying a product that is fully accredited, high in quality and capable of delivering value for money. PAT testing helps to guarantee that individual appliances are both safe and functional, while it also helps consumers to obtain the maximum value from the purchase price and any additional warranties. In an age where economic growth cannot be relied on, this is a benefit of PAT testing that few home-owners can ignore.

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