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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Make & Save - The Importance Of Actionable Personal Finance Habits

Being proactive and observant are one of the most important things when it comes to managing your money and family budget in overall.

Instead of waiting for that pay rise, you can make some money just by reverting some habits that are constantly getting money out of your pocket.

Remember, a penny saved is a penny earned!

Take your time to observe and compare

As every family budget has unavoidable expenses on weekly, monthly or annual basis learn how to cut your expenses by simply comparing the offer on the market.

No matter if we are talking about shopping for groceries on a weekly basis or car maintenance expenses, there are a lot of different suppliers that can quote you with different price for these.

Negotiation skills can always come in handy in these situations as you can drastically lower your cost just by engaging in a bit of a negotiation. Bargaining shouldn’t be something that you should be ashamed to do. In the end, it’s your money on the table.

Lastly, don’t run to the bank to pay your bills. Take your time to carefully review them for possible erroneous charges. Same goes for bank statements. Make sure you are not paying anything that wasn’t agreed upon previously.

Never stop planning and reviewing

Managing family budget can prove a very challenging task and it’s not for everyone. One simple yet golden tip is to always have your expenses planned up front. This way, you’ll know what you are dealing with and how much money will you have left after you have paid for all the bills and fees.

Good strategy here is trying to deviate as little as you can from what’s planned. Also, keep impulse shopping on a minimum and don’t carry large sum of money in your wallet as it can tempt you into spending on stuff you don’t really need.

Finally, don’t ever set a certain strategy and follow it without ever changing it. Things happen and there are always circumstances that you need to take into account, so take your time to review your financial plan and strategy on regular basis.

Fight unnecessary bank fees

This one can prove to be tough. In order to be on the winning side here you really have to be well-informed. Taking a bank loan when interests are tempting can prove to be a good thing after all.

Also, while you’re at it, try not to waste your money on paying interests that are piling up due to passage of time. Think about a debt agreement proposal that could save you chunks of money.

Investing your money is also a good idea when it comes to multiplying it and earning a little something on the side. However, you do need to have certain knowledge of financial instruments before going out and investing in stocks, for example.

Learn to proofread banking contracts and inform yourself thoroughly before engaging in any kind of deal with bank or any other financial institution. Beware of nasty hidden fees and try to keep things simple.

Hellen McAdams is the chief strategist at She loves a good digital marketing strategy, and isn’t afraid to ask questions everyday to keep up with the industry’s trends. If you have any comments or questions, shoot her a question at @hellen_mcadams.

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