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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Protecting Your Best Furry Friend While Saving on Pet Insurance

Pet insurance provides coverage for your furry friends in case there unexpected medical issues arise. It is similar to purchasing health insurance for a family member. If you consider your pet to be a part of your family (as most pet owners do!), it is in your best interest to provide extra protection for them. 

The medical costs for pets can be high, and covering such expenses can be especially difficult for those with fixed or limited incomes or high expenses (children’s college tuition, upcoming wedding expenses or study-abroad programs). When your pet is ill, however expensive it may be, medical care is necessary. 

Pet insurance companies often have limits on what pets and procedures they cover. Some companies only offer insurance for dogs and cats, while others provide coverage to different types of pets. You need to call ahead to find out if your pet is on the list. In most cases, a dog or cat is covered. 

Paying for Insurance 

There are a variety of things that will impact the cost of pet insurance. There may be restrictions or limitations on the kind of protection that the policy offers. The deductible and co-pay are different with each company and each type of policy. There could also be a cap on each specific incident and the annual vet visit. If you have a higher deductible, for instance, you could lower your monthly premiums considerably. You should able to get a customized policy with low premiums that can still cover your furry friend and make it cost-effective for you. 

There are various factors that affect pet insurance. If you have a young pet, for example, the cost of your policy may be lower. When your pet is older, the premium increases. If your pet has a pre-existing condition, you may not be able to receive full insurance coverage. However, you may find a company that will provide coverage for things like knee injuries, surgery and diabetes, as well as kidney problems. These issues, though, can increase coverage quite substantially. Coverage in these cases is especially beneficial to you and your pet, since there is a high likelihood of an incident occurring. 

Insurance for your pet may be the difference between paying monthly premiums and putting your pet to sleep prematurely. If you have to cancel your insurance because of personal reasons or if you have lost your pet, read the fine print. You won't be penalized in most legitimate cases and will be reimbursed for any premiums that you have prepaid. 

Finding the Most Cost-Effective Plan 

If you need pet insurance, conduct extensive research to get the most cost-effective plan that suits your budget and will meet the needs of your furry friend. Doing a comparison on a site like PetPremium can fill you in on the benefits offered by each policy. Pay attention to limitations and exclusions. Get more than one quote before deciding on a particular company. Check to see what reviews or testimonials the company has received. 

Pets may make people happier and help us live longer. They are expensive, but the pay-off is undeniable! Your kids will take their happy, furry family memories with them on all of their upcoming journeys. Pet insurance can help you create even more memories by keeping your pet around longer! It’s the least we can do for the animal that’s prolonged the lives of us and our kids! 

About the Writer: Jen Lopez is a passionate pet owner who really prides herself on helping other pet owners manage happy, enjoyable relationships with their furry friends.

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