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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How Can Your Wallet Be The Best Tool for Effective Budgeting?

The Costanza Wallet
The Costanza Wallet (Photo credit: shareski)
Do you know your wallet can be a big player in tracking your expenses? If you have a disorganized wallet, it becomes very difficult for you to monitor your spending. If you have a number of useless receipts, cards and other stuff in your wallet, you will always face problems when you need something urgently. There are many disadvantages of keeping overstuffed and disorganized wallet. You may let several coupons expire because of a bad system. There are many smart ways, wise people implement on their wallet to stay on the budget; today, we will share those to make you more efficient in budgeting:

1. Re-visit and Clean Your Wallet Regularly:

If you want to find essential things quickly and easily, you must clean up your wallet regularly. People having this habit never miss their important rebates, coupons, and sales, which means they have more money to spend on other important things. 

2. Limit the Plastic Choices to One or Two:

It is really difficult to keep a complete check over multiple debit and credit cards. You should have complete information about the balance on your cards, transactions and other statements. It’s wise to minimize the number of plastics in your wallet by putting only one or two cards that you use regularly. This practice is good to keep yourself in budget because this helps you limiting your unnecessary needs.

3. Keep Paper Receipts Out; Use Mobile App Instead:

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Paper receipts and lists of unnecessary things are so annoying and they mess up your wallet too. In today’s technology era, there are lots of phone apps that note down receipt data and save you from the paper waste. Think about using popular apps, like Shoeboxed, Lemon, etc, and capture the photos of receipts and save it in your cell phone. 

4. Keep An Image Of Goal to Keep You Up:

We all find it difficult to stick to our budget and control our spending as it takes lot of strength and willpower. You can give yourself a boost by placing picture of your goal in your wallet. This will remind you about the goal you have set, and help you keeping yourself from any unnecessary purchase.

5. Buy High-Quality, Toughest Wallet:

It is necessary to have a good quality wallet, if you really want to keep the things properly organized. It is really difficult to locate cash and receipts on a worn wallet. Having a good quality wallet means, you are quick in finding anything you want. So, buy a quality, toughest wallet as it saves your time and money because it will be your partner for a long time.

6. Streamline Your Payment Processes:

Many people use credit and debit cards, whereas the rest prefer cash. So, if you are a card user or your prefer cash, stick to one system only. This would help you tracking your expenses in a simple way. You won’t commit mistakes if you are less confused. . This tip benefits those with families, where everybody can use the same payment method.

If you commit to implement all the above mentioned wallet hacks, I ensure you will enjoy using this tool for keeping track of your spending. Nowadays, there are several virtual wallets in the market as well, that allow you making many transactions and payments using your smartphone; you should try using them as well. These tips are simple to implement, but have proven to give awesome results in improving day-to-day financial life.

Author’s Bio:

John Collinsmith is a senior writer and journalist for poor credit loan, a consumers guide to mastering money and saving. You can save more money by checking out the compound saving calculator and other money saving calculators.

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