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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cut Business Costs Using Remote Access Software

Remote Access Software doesn’t immediately spring to mind when you think of money-saving technologies. But with the workplace becoming increasingly mobile-oriented, any program that facilitates the process of remote working is going to benefit businesses in the long term. But how can a technology that involves accessing one desktop from another help cut costs? Read on to find out.

A more productive workforce

There’s one, crucial thing that all business want from their employees: to be more productive. Whether its new software, incentives like bonuses, or implementing telecommuting strategies, companies try all sorts of ways to get more out of their workers. Remote access software is just another string to that bow. If you can have it so your employees can work efficiently while travelling or working from home, then you are saving company time. And time is money. Remote access to office desktops can now be done from mobile devices so all the crucial files and programs an employee needs are always available. Some programs, such as those from Ericom software, now work entirely through a web browser and across multiple platforms, making compatibility problems a thing of the past. It’s a failsafe for all sorts of data-related mishaps. 

Software Costs

If you’re running a startup business, then costs are at the front of your mind, even more so. Say you have remote workers in different locations but you need them all to use a certain program, Microsoft Word or Photoshop for example, that would require costly licenses for multiple computers. You can use remote access software to give these workers access to this software, installed on a remote desktop, so they have no need to install and configure anything. If you have a large workforce, Remote Desktop services can save time/cost when updating an arsenal of computers, for example if you want to upgrade a specific program across the board. If these computers are all accessing this program from a remote server, then instead of going from computer to computer performing updates you only have to do it once. This takes a massive strain off the IT department. 

Expanding Businesses

What if you’re a growing business? What if you’re about to hire several new employees? You’ve got find the funds to buy three new PCs and install all the software on them. That’s going to be costly and time-consuming. The same goes for upgrading PCs every few years. If you opt for a cheap, thin-client computer (like a Chromebook) that you use to remotely access programs on a server you can save yourself a fortune. Thin-client devices have a greater lifespan and low service costs. JP Gownder of Forrester Research has said that they “offer the prospect of radically reducing the amount of time IT staff spend ‘keeping the lights on’ for devices…and offer high uptime, low service costs, and scalable deployment of new web-based applications and content.

No matter the size of your business, Remote Access software is definitely worth thinking about.

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