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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Where do the Over 50's Spend their Money?

The over 50's SWANS (Stopped Working and Now Spending) is one of the most cash rich demographics even in these times of recession and cut backs. Many of these over 50's have already purchased their houses and paid off their mortgages so the money that us younger generation are spending on rents and our own mortgages are free for their own use. 60% of over 50's receive non state pensions and more than 2/3rds of over 50's have said that the recession has made little to no change to their spending habits. So what do they spend their cash on?


Now that they've stopped working and have started spending their savings following their children leaving the nest, the over 50's tend to start to enjoy themselves again. Whether it be going to the theatre, out for meals and down to the pub for drinks with friends they have no work or children commitments left so they can enjoy themselves and their money.


Many over 50's have children and grandchildren spread around the world and with them now being the cash rich demographic with time to spare on their hands it is they, rather than the other way around of olden days, that does the travelling to see family members. On top of this, with their lack of commitments and large cash reserves they tend to take two or three holidays a year, often heading to warm and exotic places that they have wanted to visit but not had the chance until now.


What is life without a little risk? the over 50's generation are asking as they enjoy a flutter on the nags and occasionally the football matches at the weekend, with large accumulators with many selections and big payouts from small stakes favoured by the older generation. On top of this they enjoy the old favourites too such as playing live bingo at the local hall, while the more technically savvy of the over 50's who would have invested in computers or laptops to keep in touch with family on Skype and by email are tempting to play online bingo on sites like this one in an attempt to increase their cash surpluses too.


Having lived in their own purchased and now mortgage free homes for many years, many of the over 50's are now favouring renovating their homes to give them a fresh look and a new lease of life. Whether it be internal, such as new furniture, wallpaper or coats of paint, or external including redoing the garden or the brickwork of the house, the over 50's and their cash reserves are always looking to keep their residence fresh and up to date.


This is a big one for the SWANS as they are no longer working they have plenty of free time to do as they wish to do so. Whether it is growing their own fruits and vegetables in their allotments or travelling around the country to following their favourite football, rugby or cricket teams the over 50's have both the time and money to do this with a comfortable ease.

Clothes, Jewellery, Scents and Gifts

The over 50's generation like to look good and, as such, with the amount of cash readily available to them they enjoy purchasing clothes and jewellery that will make them both look and feel good about themselves. To top this off they spend a large amount of money on ensuring that they smell the best too so the top of the range perfumes and men's fragrances are on their lists too. It's not all about themselves either as they enjoy selflessly purchasing gifts for friends and family on birthdays, at Christmas and even randomly too.

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