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Sunday, April 17, 2022

What to Do if You've Been Scammed Into Paying Someone Through Venmo

Although Venmo was designed to make transferring money between friends simple and convenient, it’s not always so simple. In some situations, scammers pose as friends or family, hoping to steal money from unsuspecting users.

These scams make it even more important to be cautious and aware when using the app. The following are some steps you can take if you’ve been scammed by someone through Venmo:

Block the Scammer

If you’ve been scammed and have sent money through Venmo, first contact your bank immediately. Tell them what happened and see if they can reverse any charges that have already taken place. 

If they can’t reverse those charges, they may be able to help you get an extension on your payment plan so you can work something out with your creditor.

When speaking to a representative from the bank, they may also let you know how many days/weeks/months it might take for a refund from Venmo (if one is available). The last thing you want is for someone else to use that money before it gets returned to you.

Report it as Fraud

If you think you've been scammed, report it as fraud. There are a few things to know about reporting scams on your account: In most cases, you should be able to find options for reporting fraud in your settings. Within minutes of reporting your issue, you should receive an email stating that the app has received your request.

If your account is still active after you report an issue with a transaction as fraud, that likely means a representative from Venmo hasn’t determined that there was any fraudulent activity involved. Keep reporting the fraudulent activity until you get a response.

Tell Your Bank and Request a Chargeback

In many cases, you can request a chargeback through your bank or credit card issuer. A chargeback will remove any money taken from your account and refund it into your bank account. 

This is a hassle, though, so you’ll want to try everything else first. Keep in mind that some chargebacks can take weeks to resolve so keep checking your account until the money is returned. 

As you wait, consider reaching out to an attorney from Heidarpour Law Firm to help you recover your funds after fraud.

Change Your Password or Deactivate Your Account

If you think someone has gained access to your account, you should change your password immediately or deactivate your account. 

Changing your password will ensure that no one can make any additional transactions from your account (or transfer funds) for 14 days. To do so, go back into Settings > Security and select Deactivate Account at the bottom of that page.

Make sure your money is safe when using your Venmo account. Keep this information in mind as you take steps to safeguard your finances in the future.

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