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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

3 Ways to Make Some Extra Money in a Pinch

Are you looking for a fast way to line your pockets with extra cash? You may be interested in paying off debts as fast as possible, or you may need to pay for unexpected expenses. When you need to infuse your bank account with more money right away for these or other reasons, you thankfully have a few options available to consider.

Sell Valuables

You may have several valuable items that you can sell quickly and turn a great profit. In fact, you may not realize how much value your possessions hold until you do some research. For example, you may sell a coin collection featuring very rare coins for thousands of dollars or more. 

Comic books, collectible toys, broken jewelry, designer clothes you no longer wear and other items may also hold value. Selling these items online is one option, or you can look at collector websites or shops for potentially faster results.

Take out a Short-Term Loan

There are several short-term loan options that you may consider as well. For example, a payday loan may provide you with extra cash for a few weeks without the need for collateral. A title loan is another option, and it requires you to pledge a car as collateral. 

These short-term loans may be challenging to repay in some cases because the term is only a few weeks long. Another option is to visit a local bank to apply for an unsecured or secured personal loan. These loans may enable you to spread payments out over a few years.

Get a Side Hustle

If you have never had a side hustle, you may be surprised by how fast you can get started and by how much money you can make. There are numerous side hustle jobs available now, such as dog walking on demand, rideshare driving, food deliveries, grocery shopping services and more. 

Many people are able to earn several hundred dollars each week doing these jobs on a part-time basis, and you may see income from a new side hustle within a week or less. Many people have more than one side hustle to maximize their income potential and enjoy greater flexibility with their schedule.

While financial stress is common and can be caused by many factors and events, you can see that there are several ways to raise money quickly. If you need a significant amount of cash, you may focus your attention on all of these ideas rather than confining your efforts to one.

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