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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Keeping up with Technology for Over 50's

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You could be a tech savvy over 50, a newcomer to all these social networking sites, or just plain confused about which sites are safe and how they might benefit your life. Social networking sites are suitable for all ages and interests and can make keeping in touch with far flung relatives and friends so much easier. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to use them and many over 50's are already feeling the benefits of joining up to sites like Instagram. 

Despite the recent controversy Instagram remains safe, stable and the ideal place to start or extend your foray into social networking. You will find a large range of people in your age group with varying interests and internet abilities. Keeping up with the latest technology is a bit of a mine field at times but worth it if you persevere. Specifically for iPad and iPhone users Instagram is easy to use, free and has many features that will enable you to alter or print digital images, share with others and make a permanent record of any special moments you'd like to treasure. 

As we get older it seems that more and more of our friends and family end up scattered across the globe. People move away for better work prospects or a warmer climate to spend their retirement in. Sites such as Instagram can actually save you money on expensive out of state phone calls, allow you to share your precious memories and photographs with family, friends and followers and stay up to date with the latest happenings in your close ones lives. 

If you've managed to work out how to use your iPad or iPhone, then you'll find Instagram even easier. Tutorials are available if you need extra help but really once you've tried Instagram out you will see there was no need to panic. Being over 50 doesn't mean your brain does not work, it means you have more life experiences and memories to draw on and share with other people. Saving money with social network sites is a big bonus in this economic climate. Make your money go further and discover why over 100 million users are already using Instagram regularly to share photo's files and more. 

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Instagram - 8 (Photo credit: BrentOzar)
With regular updates, security measures and rules in place to help guard against unwanted or undesirable images, with apps such as Instagram you can be safe in the knowledge that all users best interests are catered for. Instagram offers the pick of all the social networking sites in one easy to use package, that takes the hassle and hard work away, leaving plenty of time for you to enjoy your life. Why not sign up today and see for yourself why 1 new Instagram account is created every second?

Save money, valuable time and stay in touch with the people you want to with Instagram. Photograph special moments and events or even the latest coupons at the local store and share with your friends and family so they can save money too. You can print your digital images easily, add filters and effects, then save with a #hashtag so you can easily find them again. It really is that simple. Instagram has so much to offer over 50's no matter where you are located or what you are doing. Take a look and judge for yourself, you won't be disappointed. 

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