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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dealing With Your Children's University Expenses

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Better Now Than Never

One thing that many parents face with tremendous peril is how to help their children with university expenses. Sadly this peril could have been altogether avoided no matter how financially well off the parents are. It's true, parents that begin saving for college funds when their children are still toddlers rarely have issues with college funding. Though many parents are wise and do this, many do not start as early, but it's better late than never when it comes to this financial issue.

When Starting a Bit Too Late

While saving for university costs is best done over the entire course of a child's earlier school years, there is still hope for parents eager to help their children get through higher education learning. One way parents can help is by assisting their child with applying for federal student aid where available. There are many local and nationwide organizations that provide financial support through grants to individuals attending or applying to attend college.

When Federal Aid May Not Be Enough

Though many financial aid programs pay a good portion of tuition costs and aid with book purchases, the help may not be enough to cover all of the finance issues students have. This is when parents can turn to other forms of funding to meet their children's university related financial needs. There are several financial institutions that loan money to cover the costs of higher education. Most of these loans can either be obtained directly in the parents name or under the potential student's name.

The Pros of a Fixed Rate Educational Loan

When mentioning the word loan many people tense up and get ready for an outrageous interest rate. This is not the case with many student loans; in fact many are designed to be set at a steady rate of interest with low monthly payments no matter the period within the loan term. A fixed rate student loan is one of the best to apply for because both the parent and student already know what is in store for them when it comes to repaying the loan.

Other Methods of Affording University Costs

Many parents would love to afford their children the luxury of having nothing more to concentrate on other than course work, but that is not a luxury all parents can offer. Some parents have had to encourage their children to get a part time job outside of school to help pay for extra educational costs such as clothing, supplies and other things that are not covered under student loans and grants. Most parents view this as an opportunity to teach their children to stand on their own two feet and to become a person with high work ethics.

When Loans and Part Time Jobs Are Not Covering the Costs

Unfortunately certain circumstances such as car payments, insurance, and other similar bills can keep parents and children struggling to pay for educational costs. Some parents have even taken on an additional job and stay at home moms have re-entered the work force to help their children with university costs. Other ways of helping college bound children is to buy them an inexpensive vehicle and perhaps open up a small line of credit to be used for gas and emergency purposes.

Credit Cards Can Help Pick Up the Slack

A lot of parents have found that by providing their child with a low interest credit card they monthly payments are far less than the outright costs of necessary things. Sure the cost will eventually have to be paid off, but using credit to help float through tougher times sure helps. The goal should always be to keep the charges down and to pay a little more than the payment requires each month to avoid higher payback costs.

Using Common Sense to Make Dreams Come True

There are numerous other ways parents can assist their children get through college, even ways such as getting roommates, carpooling, going to local universities, and many more. So, no matter when higher education costs become part of the budget, parents can play a significant role in aiding their children to become who they always dreamed to be.

Author Bio
Ryan Ayers is a writer who creates informative articles in relation to education. This article offer financial advice for university students and aims to encourage further study with an OU Civil Engineering Masters Online

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Financial Compensation for Teachers at Workplace Violence

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Teaching is seen as a noble profession. To nurture young minds, to impart knowledge, to watch boys and girls grow up into men and women is almost altruism personified. A teacher is the guide who leads the student through practice, to knowledge and finally to wisdom and sets of skills that will aid his life’s work. No job is without risks however and the recent phase of gun violence in school has teacher worried about their safety. If you are attacked and you are injured in your school you can claim compensation from the school authorities under the employment regulations. The school will be held responsible for the harm done to you in its premises. 

As per, you should concentrate following these issues that you can press your claim on:

Threats and Therapy

Students can be blossoming flowers, or they can be baby snakes on their way to be king cobras. A child is no longer an innocent, thanks to television and Internet. Many students especially in state schools are prone to violence, more so where the schools are in beat up and damaged sections of the city where crime prevails. Thee students are not afraid to threaten their teacher and to carry out that threat violently at the first opportunity. If you need therapy for such a threat and harrowing experience you can sue the school for compensation.


If a student physically injures you, for example by cutting you with a knife or shooting you in the leg or hitting you with a toe or bash you with a car while you are within the school premises you can sue for compensation because the school authorities are responsible for the behavior of the students. A suit may also be brought against the student for juvenile delinquency in which case the compensation will be paid by the parents.

Pay Back

The danger to the teacher is not limited to the action of the students. Some overzealous parents are constantly concerned about the welfare of their children, so much so that they do not hesitate to threaten the teacher with dire consequences if their child doesn’t attain good grades or performs like a champion in the sport field. In these cases an injury claim may be brought against the parent and the teacher will receive suitable compensation for mental and physical agony suffered including punitive damages to deter the aggressive behaviour of the parents.

Third Person

The school must guarantee safety and security to its employers. If a third person unrelated to students causes violence and injury to you while you are in the school the school board will have to compensate you for your loss, including charges for your medical treatment and therapy.


A school is like any other organization. If you are injured I the workplace the employer is liable to pay compensation and punitive damages if negligence is found on his part. Therefore though teaching may seem hazardous, it has safeguards to prevent abuse and misuse of the brave men and women who strive endlessly to build a better future of the country.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Graduates Moving Back Home To Retired Parents

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It should be a time of happiness and satisfaction but the graduating class of 2012 are feeling a sense of defeat. A combination of a weak labor market and economic climate many graduates are forced to move back home. But in mom and dad's house many things have change since the student was a freshman. Mom and dad are now retired and were not expecting their kids moving back in.

These boomerang graduates are facing double digit unemployment rates in some fields. Even with advanced degrees, graduates can't land jobs. To make matters worse even if they can find a job, grads are burdened with school loan debt or have extensive credit card debt putting them into a position of not being able to make it in the real world. Making moving back home the only viable option.

Moving back home is not anyone's first choice. Lots of graduates have tasted the free life from living at college and don't want to give that up. Many parents have not planed on having anyone move back in, many have already made plans to downgrade to smaller homes. They also have tasted the life of not having any children at home.

If the student does have to come home there are a few things to make the situation equitable for both parties.

Helping Around the House

Moving back home changes the dynamic for the graduate. When they were on their own they called the shots. When coming home it changes to community mode. That means pitching in on the household work. Grads should offer to help around the house with cutting the grass, cleaning the house, or cooking meals. 

Also contributing to the family financial needs should be addressed. Some amount of money should come from the grad that should go to the mortgage or rent. There is an increase in the variable expenses of the home, the grad should step up and contribute their fair share.

Retired parents still need to pursue their goals and plans. The financial impact of the student returning should be kept at a minimum and it will be with the student contributing financially. It may even benefit the parents by having the grad take care of the home, dog and other obligations when traveling on vacation.

Full and Open Communication

Good communication is the most important part of moving back home. Mom and Dad must be specific and honest about the rules and expectations. The parents must explain that this is a short term solution. They must set up rules concerning friends, activities, and time frame.

The student should thank the parents and throughout the process express appreciation and gratitude. Even though the situation is not perfect, any frustration or anger should be kept in check and not vented on people who are helping you.

The parents should make clear that they are retired and their finances must not be put out of balance. Large purchases and expenses are not allowed, the future of their retirement is at stake.

Falling Back On Old Habits

There is nothing like the benefits of living at home. I tell my kids they will only appreciate it when they are on their own.  Plenty of food, someone to cook it for you, your laundry done, and a clean place to live. Sometimes when coming home you fall into the old parent-child, mothered relationships. If parents fall back into this old style they could be hurting the student. 

At this time of their lives with hopes of starting their career and lack of money it contributes to a lack of self-esteem. They don't need to be coddled. The parents job is to point them in the right direction and offer encouragement. 

Parents also have old habits like paying for everything. It's an old habit parents must try to avoid. When you see your child working on their job search and it's tough you may want to help financially. Remember they are adults now and must figure this out themselves. 

Always be Searching for That Job

The students job when living at home is to be always searching for a job. It's not time to lie on the couch and watch Oprah. Hit the pavement a good part of the day and when home be on the computer sending resumes, emailing perspective employers, and networking.

During this process, the student must be communicating the progress or lack of progress they are making. The parents saw to it to give the grad a good education, the grad. should respect the parents sacrifice and apply themselves fully.

The Parents Main Goal

When things aren't going well a loving parent always wants to step in and make things better. But when the children are adults it is the the job of the parents to show them how to fix their own problems by being independent. Going through this process will build a better relationship between parent and child. Parents will gain a whole new respect for their child and the child will see their parents in a whole different way. 

During this process, sadly, the parents can really do some damage to their retirement nest egg. If you are not able to pay expenses because you are helping your kid out, you on the wrong track. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Simple Money Advice For The College Student

Photographed and uploaded by user:Geographer. ...Image via WikipediaMy wife and I just got back from taking my step-son back to college. He is starting his 3rd year and has taken a lot of my advice on how to be smart with money. I have seen many of his friends fall into the easy trap of getting into credit card debt. So far he has heeded my warnings and stayed away form credit cards.

When the student is away at school and not under the influence of mom and dad all those great lessons learned can be forgotten. A little independence can sometimes short circuit good money lessons. So before leaving for college it's good to plan ahead.

A budget is necessary for managing your money. A written budget or one done online at personal finance websites like can help in managing a budget and also track spending. It's important to put in the budget items that money will be spent on every month. Budget items like food, entertainment, clothing, gas, and essentials. It's important to track spending to see if the amount budgeted is adequate, we don't want anyone broke by Thanksgiving.

Getting a job. There are two good reasons for getting a job while at school. The first one is that the money earned will contribute to providing necessary funds to help support the student. It shouldn't be all up to mom and dad to support junior. Also the lessons of showing up for work on a regular basis is necessary in instilling the work ethic. A job teaches the responsibility of taking care of one self. Also having a job during the summer is important to maintain the students responsibility toward his own money needs.

Saving money. Just because the student has a job it doesn't mean all that money is to be spent. Some of that money should go into a savings account for unexpected or future expenses. It is thought by some students that their money goes toward all the fun things in life and the parents money goes toward paying the students school and living expenses. This is wrong because it teaches an entitlement mentality. Connecting the lesson that work = money is a life lesson all students need to learn.

Checking and Savings accounts. Setting this up before hand is critical to setting up a ground work for spending and is essential to staying on budget. The account should be one that would allow the parents to deposit money into it as needed. It doesn't hurt to use the joint access, of a checking account, to keep an eye out on what the student is spending money on. Once you check out the spending habits of the student and see everything is working well you usually won't have to check very much. This ability to take a peek at the account will be a natural incentive to the student to stay on track because they know the parents are looking in from time to time.

Credit Cards. This is one way students can get into trouble. The excuse to have a credit card for the student is that what if there were some unforeseen emergency. With the checking account mom and dad will be able to deposit money into it if any emergency arises. Another excuse for the card is the students are told that to build your credit score you must have one. The debate, if that is true or not, can discussed another time but for the student today, they can wait for when they graduate to build their credit. There is no need for a credit score while they are in school.

But if you insist on having a credit card you do not have to have it in the students name. The parents credit card company can issue a card for the student to use if necessary. This way you can monitor it's use. If the card must be used, it can only be for emergencies and with the consultation of the parents.

With a little planning and communication the finances of the college journey can be easily planned and carried out. This can give the parents a worry free school year and the student can concentrate on their studies.

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