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Monday, December 10, 2012

Udemy Makes Online Learning Easy

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Udemy, an online education platform, offers a glimpse of the future. I recently spent an entertaining morning exploring this site, and was impressed by the scope of their offerings: over 1000 courses in topics that range from geeky like "Microsoft PowerPoint 2010" to artistic "Karl Taylor's FREE Photography Course" with over 17266 students.

Lets look at the details, the fundamental idea driving Udemy is uncomplicated: the site makes it easy to both take and offer classes (free and paid).

The most introductory courses consist only of video lectures. The more innovative courses mix video lectures with workbooks, samples, and sometimes audio that can be downloaded to your iPod.

All the courses I sampled provide lifetime access (once you buy the course, the material is yours forever) and a 30-day guarantee (a sign of confidence given that 30 days is enough to watch all the material for most courses).

The program is smartly arranged so that you can access your courses from any Internet-connected device, and the user interface is crisp and intuitive.

Summary: As the education model continues to be rewritten, there will be lots of sites trying to match students with teachers. Udemy’s advantage is that they’re taking the time to get the details right.

A few sample courses of the 1000's available, both free and paid.

Be a better photographer.

Become a better photographer by Bernie Raffe AMPA

Learn QuickBooks to manage your business

QuickBooks Pro 2012 Training by Simon Sez IT

Take a free photography course

Karl Taylor s FREE Photography Course by Karl Taylor

Udemy has so many course that you can use to increase your knowledge. Check one out today.

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