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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Get The Most Out Of Your Armed Forces Discounts`

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If you have served in any of the five branches of the United States armed forces, you are entitled to certain discounts on goods and services throughout the country. It's the business community's small way of saying thanks for all you've done.  

Life is expensive, and finance can be hard to keep track of in terms of spending, especially in later years. Money is tight, so keep your eyes peeled for any and all discounts available to retired service members. 

For Your Health 

Aside from the comprehensive health insurance provided by Veterans Affairs, retired military personnel can access discounts at dentists, opticians and pharmacies across the country. 

CVS/pharmacy is a member of a program called Veterans Advantage, which offers 20% in-store discounts, and 10% for online purchases. Veterans Advantage is a membership program with a 30-day free trial period and a small monthly fee thereafter (much the way AARP operates). Other health advantages include supplementary health and prescription drug insurance, and free global MEDEVAC if you are sick or injured while leisure traveling. 

Discounts for Home and Family 

From cell phone providers to hardware stores, there are coupons to download or at-the-counter discounts that apply when you show your military ID. Home Depot, for example, gives 10% off to service members both active and retired, injured service members, spouses, and dependent children. For a night on the town, some AMC Theaters offer discounts after 4pm. With the ticket prices these days, it's worth finding out if your local theater participates! Bass Pro and Cabela's both offer discounts, but only on certain days. Check their websites to find out when specials are coming up. 

Geico, as well as certain other personal finance providers have discounts for active and retired personnel. H&R Block has a deal for tax preparation each springtime. You've served your country, been a productive member of society, and worked hard for your retirement: don't waste this time sitting in the study doing your taxes when someone else can do them for you! 

On The Road 

Some of the best discounts for military retirees can be found out on the open road. Several car rental companies and dozens of hotel chains offer varying discounts for retired armed forces personnel. Read the fine print, as certain hotels, such as Mariott, only offer discounts to active personnel traveling on government business. 

So you rent yourself a car at a favorable rate, and you're driving across these beautiful United States on the vacation of a lifetime. You're seeing the country you offered up your youth for. The sun is glinting off the amber waves of grain. When you stop in at a travel center, know that many Wendy's franchisees offer discounts and specials when you show military ID. 

Book yourself into a Hilton or a Westin to take advantage of their discounts and make your travel dollars stretch further. In fact, with all the money you are saving, you can head to Dollywood, the capital of kitsch, where military retirees are also fĂȘted for their service. 

Where to Find Discounts and Coupons 

You've done a lot for America. Your family has made sacrifices as a matter of course that others cannot even comprehend. Enjoy your golden years by taking a little something back in thanks. is an immensely useful resource for everything from discounts to relocation to personal finance. Everything under one roof! 

There are plenty of other websites dedicated to military discounts and coupons. Most are free; others are membership-based. Do your research and find the one or ones that are affiliated with products and services you will actually use. And be sure to contact the local franchisee to confirm participation in any discount programs. 

Author Bio 

Joshua Turner is a writer who creates informative articles in relation to business. In this article, he describes discounts available to members of the armed forces and aims to encourage further study with a Norwich Masters Degree in Military History.

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