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Sunday, December 3, 2017

4 Mistakes to Avoid While Web Designing for Your Financial Services Business

You need to think about responsive web design when it comes to your financial services business. While thinking in terms of website design ideas for your financial services website, you must consider your brand and all precise and unique website requirements for your business.

When potential clients would be hunting for a finance company to manage their finances, obviously, they would be expecting the company to be reputable, reliable, organized, innovative, and definitely, hardcore professional.

When all these characteristics are added together and translated into your web design, it would generally lead to a complete clean edge, orderly appearance, bright and colorful. 

You need to be alert while designing the website for your finance business and avoid some of the usual mistakes. Here are some common web design mistakes people tend to make all the time.

Mistake No.1: Not Designing to Cater to Your Buyer Personas

Before you consider designing your finance company’s website and creating appropriate content for your business website, you must get a clear picture and understand clearly about your buyer personas. 

If you are simply designing your website in whatever way you want without paying attention to the customers, you would soon be ending up with a website that is not capable of generating leads for your finance business. 

To avoid this mistake, it is better to read and understand thoroughly the important buyer information which is relevant to the project.

Mistake No. 2: Not Making Your Financial Services Website Mobile Responsive

The need of the hour is mobile responsiveness, as far as, the website designs are concerned. Your business is involved in debt financing

You give loans to your clients at a fixed interest rate to repay their outstanding balances and with a previously determined maturity date. You must understand the consequences if your site is not mobile responsive. 

48 percent of the people believe that if a website was not mobile responsive enough and not working effectively on their smartphones, it was a clear indication that the company did not really care about their clients. 

Your business simply cannot make any progress without a mobile responsive business site.

You may consult a professional web design company and seek their assistance in providing you effective web design solutions so that your business website becomes relatively more user-friendly, intuitive, and mobile responsive.

Mistake No.3: Busy Navigation

The navigation bar would be guiding visitors to your content existing on your business website. 

If navigation is not easy and convenient for people to find the exact information they are looking for, then you need to do some work to spruce up your navigation. The greatest flaw in web designing is disorganized content on your site. 

You must organize your content. There should be only five or even fewer classifications in your navigation. Do not have too many pages as that would make your site look unnecessarily busy.

Mistake No.4: Missing Calls-To-Action

Your website must include a strong call-to-action. You must convey clearly what are your services and tell them how to avail your professional services or see some more information. 

Include your address and phone number and ask visitors to contact you or include a form and ask visitors to fill it up.


As you are thinking in terms of building a new and robust website for financial business, remember that all the rules are flexible and they could be altered slightly but that has to be done not ignorantly but intentionally. 

While marketing your company as a financial services organization, you must focus on portraying the company as reliable and trustworthy. Do not try to be too playful or personal as that could transmit a wrong message and people may think that you are not serious. Keep the above mistakes in mind and stay away from them if you wish to succeed in your financial venture.

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