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Monday, November 13, 2017

Cut Work Time in Half: Get These Tools for WordPress!

If you have a WordPress website, then you are well aware that it's constantly evolving and improving to accommodate for its users' needs and preferences. Started in 2003 as a simple improvement for everyday writing, now it's the biggest blogging open source tool used by millions. 

WordPress has over 47,000 plugins, and this number grows by the day. One function or feature has multiple plugins, and you have to choose the one that suits you best. Here are some that may be helpful to your everyday needs.

Broken Link Checker

One of the most annoying things for visitors is loading a broken page. You can lose customers and audience, as well as a good reputation that you obtained so far.

Broken Link Checker is a perfect plugin for you to monitor all the bad links, and the best news is that it will do it automatically. Another great feature is that it will stop search engines from displaying broken link pages in the listings.


To avoid unnecessary data and clean up the mess created while website maintenance, WP-Optimise is your tool. It will help you automatically remove all the piled up data and optimise your database. 

This will eliminate manual queries, as well as unwanted comments and posts. Using WP-Optimise will give you a fast, clean and well -optimised website.


If you want to help your visitors find everything they need and help them out do it in a more advanced ways than with Word Press built-in tool, use the SearchWP plugin. Its advanced search options even allow you to search for documents like Office and PDF. 

Another good feature is that you can create multiple search engines, and you can give them an option to search via keyword stems and not exact term matches.


When it comes to websites, they also need protection from intruders and breaches, even if you run a low profile one. These events can be detrimental to your data so using a backup plugin may be the best option. 

BackUpWordPress allows you to save a copy of your whole website with database and files. Every backup can be sent to one or more accounts you have, such as DropBox, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, etc.

Yoast SEO

Search engines are the internet users’ best friends, which makes SEO company a go-to source to get the best optimisation there is. Yoast SEO is a right plugin for WordPress if you want to try and do it by yourself. 

It will help you with the content and improve your ranking as well as help you sustain them and be helpful to users.

WP Rocket

When it comes to websites, users often get annoyed with how slow they can get and lose interest in continuing. WP Rocket will help you take care of that by speeding up your site. Although this is a paid plugin, it’s on this list because there isn’t any better among the free ones and what it sells it delivers. 

It won’t even take you long to set it up and configure it. Caching starts immediately after activation which means the website will be speeded up instantly.

Gravity Forms

More than a million websites use Gravity Forms plugin for building contact forms easily and without any technical knowledge. This user-friendly plugin will help you create the form with offering you which fields to include and to configure the options. 

It also has a progress bar that will let know the users how far they have until they complete the form. You can use this plugin even if you need a pricing form on your website.

Wordfence Security

Hacking has become a real hazard of the 21st century, and even if you don’t think you’ll be an attractive target, the best course of action is to protect your website and your business. 

There are always malicious bots looking to destroy someone’s hard work and dedication. As we all know, it can also cause considerable financial damage. Wordfence Security will be a reliable protection for your website and guard against the spam. 

It includes malware scan, live monitoring of your traffic, firewall and other useful features which will keep your WordPress site secure.


Ask any user to tell you what are the most annoying things about websites, and one of them will surely be getting not available pages. Redirection plugin will help you take care of redirecting the permalinks. 

This helpful plugin will automatically add 301 redirections and keep the record of 404 errors. You can manually add 302 or 307, and the full log will be available for review for all URL redirections.


If you run an e-commerce site, WooCommerce is the right plugin for you. Currently the most popular among the tools of its type, WooCommerce was launched in 2011, and the free version can cover the necessary things like calculations of shipping costs, taxes, offer you major credit card and Pay Pal payments, bank transfers and cash on delivery. 

Paid, premium version gives you more advanced tools, and there are WooCommerce add-ons and themes which will help you to use it to the maximum of its ability and help you with managing customers and goods properly.

Social Icons

Social media has the constantly increasing number of users by the day. The studies show that people mostly information themselves through the social media than by watching TV or reading the newspaper. 

So, you have to work on your social media marketing if you want to have access to more people, that is for them to find you and your products. Social Icons is the plugin doing just what the name says – gives you a solution to display visual shortcuts to your social media accounts. 

The plugin is free and supports over 100 platforms, not to mention it’s straightforward to use.


Don’t be afraid to try new features of WordPress and improve what your offer to your visitors. When you’re creating your website there are too many variables to take into consideration, and that’s why thousands of plugins are created – to help you manage all in time and to satisfaction of both your business and your visitors.

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