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Sunday, July 7, 2019

4 Easy Ways to Make Extra Income after Retirement

Most people look forward to their retirement. It is their time to relax, travel some, and start enjoying life. Unfortunately, many retirees find that the dream they had to enjoy their retirement is not within their reach due to a lack of finances. 

Luckily, it is not that difficult to fatten your wallet without taking on a full time job. Here are some easy ways for retirees to make an extra income.

House Sitting

This is one of my favorite ways to make some cash. While traveling, many people do not like to leave their home empty. They would be very happy to pay you to stay at their house while away. 

Home owners like having seniors who have reached retirement age watch their house because older people are usually more responsible than their younger counterparts. It’s very easy to find work doing house sitting by searching online for house sitting jobs. You will find many websites offering such a service.

Pet Sitting

This is very similar to the house sitting jobs mentioned above. People don’t like to leave their pets locked up in a cage while traveling away from home. 

They would rather find someone who will take good care of their pet. This arrangement allows their pet the freedom to run and play while staying with you at your house.

Sell Stuff for Quick Cash

If you are just looking for fast money to finance some travel or give yourself a little treat, then there is no easier way than to sell something that you don’t use anymore. This is especially true for retirees. You spent your entire life accumulating belongings that you probably haven’t used in years. Take some of the items and sell them online. 

You can sell smaller items on Ebay or Amazon. Also, there are companies that will give you money for junk cars if you happen to have an old one in your garage that you don’t want anymore. You get to clear up space, and you make cash at the same time. Nice deal!

Find Part Time Work Online

Since you’re retired now, you probably don’t want to work a full-time job anymore. Have you thought about working part-time? There are many jobs available where you perform work online. The best part about these jobs is that many are very flexible with your work schedule. If you search for online jobs, then you will find many that suit your skills.

In conclusion, retirement should be the time to do the things that you always wanted, but you’ve never had the time to do them before because you were too busy working. With some creative brainstorming, you’ll discover some easy ways to finance your new lifestyle and start enjoying life for real.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

3 Ideas To Make More Money If You’re Over 50 In Chicago

Just because you’re over the age of 50 doesn’t at all mean that you’ve lost out on opportunities to make more money and build up your wealth.

The opportunities to make money today are greater than ever before, so you’re actually in a very fortunate position.

Still, if you’re at a loss for what you can do, here are three simple ideas to make more money if you’re over 50 in Chicago:

Strategy #1 - Get Into Real Estate

It’s almost a cliche to say, at this point, that you should just ‘invest in real estate’ to make money. But the truth is that numerous real estate markets across the country have been bouncing back, and it really can be a good opportunity to consider buying an investment property to make money.

The most lucrative opportunities for getting into real estate are likely going to be places with a low unemployment rate and consistently strong population growth. You’ll have to put down a solid initial investment, which will be offset and pay off from the consistent stream of passive income coming in from renters.

Strategy #2 - Rent Out Your RV

Do you have a motorhome or travel trailer? If so, then as an alternative to essentially being a landlord and renting out a property, you can rent out your RV instead.

You don’t have to be a dealer or big rental company to be successful at renting out RVs. In fact, all you need to get started is just one RV that’s in good condition and well maintained, and then you’ll need to successfully advertise that RV on rental sites with high quality pictures.

To get started, you’ll also need to price competitively. According to Outdoorsy, “the average RV rental price in Chicago, IL is $173.12/night.”, so price your RV below that to get started.

Strategy #3 - Write A Book and Self-Publish

It’s much easier to publish a book today than ever before, because the days of where you would have to go around pitching your book to a publishing company are long gone. Today, it’s very easy to create an account on services such as Amazon Direct Kindle Publishing.

Write a book, convert it to PDF, have a cover created, write a description, set your price, and then publish. It really is that simple. If you really want to grow this into a business, you’ll need to publish more books in the same basic niche under the same author name to really establish yourself as an authority figure.

Self-published authors make anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars a month on average, so the possibilities really are endless.

Making Money Over 50

There are many more financial steps that you can take as well to help grow your wealth. But getting into real estate and becoming a landlord, renting out an RV, and self-publishing books represent three of the most lucrative opportunities for earning passive income today in 2018.

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