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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Top 5 Tips to Choose the Best Accountant for a Contractor

The accounting needs of a contractor are not similar to the needs of regular business people. If you are a contractor you have to look for the ideal accountant to look after your financial matters. Here are some effective tips to find the best contractor accountant. 

Contractors that operate their own businesses sometime contemplate the idea of running their accounts all by themselves. However, the burden of administrative tasks proves to be too time-consuming for them and most of the contractors find laws regarding taxation highly confusing and complex. 

All these reasons triggered the need of a specialist accountant for a contractor who is adept in dealing with the accounting needs of these self-employed people. But there is a plethora of such accounting professionals available in the city of London to choose from. 

Here is some insider tips that contractors should pay heed to in order to trace out the best accountant:

Consider only specialist contractor accountant in London

Being a contractor, your accounting needs are different than those who run their small businesses. This is why the foremost thing that you have to ensure is your chosen accountant is well-versed in dealing with your financial matters specifically. 

The accountant must have several years of experience of working closely with contractors and not giant corporate houses or SMEs. To find such accountants out you can keep a close eye on paid advertisements and the portals that are focused on contractors because only accountants with experience of working with contractors will have them advertised.

Select only regulated and well-qualified accountants

Accountants that are members of business organisations of contracting sector and are regulated by professional guilds your best bet. It will be even better if your chosen professional is also accredited by any organisation of freelancers as well. Overall, you have to ensure that the accountant has industry accreditation from recognized contracting bodies.

Select the accountant that offers services you actually need

There are umpteen contractor accountants in London  and their offerings are not the same and so do the requirements of hundreds of contractors in the city. Hence, be very clear about your needs and choose one accordingly. If you want accounting professional to take care of your annual accounts only the individual you will eventually choose will never be the same individual who will be working for another contractor that want all his financial aspects to be taken care of.

Opt for accountants with knowledge in contractor legislation

As mentioned earlier, your accounting and taxation needs are different so you have to ensure that your accountant is knowledgeable enough to carry out your financial tasks flawlessly. The professional must have deeper and proper understanding of IR35, Section 660 and MSC or Managed Services Company legislation. The individual must also understand the complex tax laws clearly. Any error in filing taxes can cost you dearly so it is a must that your accountant is top of these laws.

Many accountants also offer a few extra services for free such as IR35 contract reviews and if you come across any such free offerings don’t hesitate to grab them if you are certain that the quality of the service would be excellent.

Ask other contractors

You are not the sole contractor in the city of London. There are thousands more and chances are high that many of them have their own accountants as well. You can ask them directly or in online forums about the performance of their accountants. You need to choose that accountant that receives great reviews from clients. You can look for testimonials online to locate accountants that have previously performed well for other contractors.

If you follow these tips you will definitely find a qualified and experienced accountant. Most of these professionals charge a fixed monthly fee and the amount will be determined by the number and significance of services they are supposed to execute.

Author Bio

Jason Fox pens down write-ups on taxation and accounting on frequent basis. His articles where he shares effective tips to find the right accountant for contractor  are highly acclaimed in contracting world. 

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