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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Random Philosophical Musings on Aging

One of the things about reaching senior years is that we don’t like to think about all those things we can no longer do or all the things we have left to do but little time in which to accomplish them. 

Our lives have been a whirlwind of activity in which we were always so busy that we really didn’t realize how quickly time was slipping away from us. Now, as our senior years are approaching, many of us begin musing on the meaning of life and why we age. 

Here are some random philosophical musings on aging which many of us face as those dreaded 60s approach.

Does Aging Serve a Purpose?

Some of the most revered ‘thinkers’ of our day have spent years pondering the purpose of aging. 

It doesn’t take having an online masters degree in philosophy to understand the importance of this question, although a degree of that nature does help us discover answers from some of the world’s greatest philosophers to have walked the face of the earth. 

Both Socrates and Plato were known to have philosophized on the nature of aging and both are often quoted as we try to make sense of this body that no longer works as it once had, or the mind that is still sharp, albeit slower to respond than it once had been. 

So, does aging serve a purpose from a philosophical vantage point? Some say it does.

Why the Musings of an Aging Philosopher Really Matter

When we are young, it seems as though we are always at the top of our game. There is little we don’t know, little we can’t do and God help the person who doubts our abilities and aptitudes. 

However, as we age we realize that there is so much more to learn because there is so much we don’t know. It is at this point that an aging philosopher can begin guiding the generation seeking the answers they once sought at that age and time.

These musings have meaning in that they are able to guide future generations in the mysteries of life. 

Science explains much but there is much more which science is unable to answer and here is where thought and matter converge.

A Generation of Aging Philosophers Is at the Door

Now, at a time when science is advancing faster than the speed of light, there is an entire generation of aging philosophers at the door listening to see what science can explain and waiting to fill in the gaps where science has no answer. 

These are the Baby Boomers of the late 1950s through the early 1960s, the biggest generation ever to age all at one time.

We are those aging philosophers who have yet to be heard. This is the time in our lives when things begin to slow and we have time on our hands to ponder all the things we were once too busy to see. 

Perhaps this is the time to join an online masters degree in philosophy program so that other, younger philosophers will be there to hear our musings and carry them forward through a time when most are still too busy to hear, too busy to think and yes, too busy to live. 

These random philosophical musings on aging are meant to be shared.

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