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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Six Items That Hold Their Value Well, And When You Should Consider Selling Them

The stock market isn't the only place you can invest your money. With the volatile nature of the global economy, more people than ever are on the search for non-traditional investments that will allow them to continue building wealth. Read ahead for a look at six unique items that tend to hold their value in practically any economic climate.

Domain Names

Over the years, entrepreneurs and investors have made an incredible amount of money buying up generic domain names and then reselling them down the road. Also known as domain flipping and cybersquatting, this practice is incredibly lucrative for those who can find domain names with popular keywords and phrases.


Anyone who is interested in this type of investment should keep in mind that certain wines will hit a maximum value after just a few years. Investors must take some time to research the market and get an idea about which wines are profitable and how long they can be stored.

Rare Coins

Rare coins have been a popular investment option and hobby for many years. Unlike bullion coins which hold their value due to the metal they are made of, rare coins have a higher value because of their scarcity. Just as with wine, it is important to research the market and gain a better understanding of coins before making any purchases. Consider Rocky Mountain Coin Inc if you want to buy or sell rare coins.

Classic Cars

The vast majority of cars will lose their value over the years, but classic cars are an exception to that rule. A classic car can be any vehicle that is old enough to hold historical interest and continue increasing in value as long as it is maintained. In some cases, a single classic car restoration can result in a five-figure return on investment.

Sports Memorabilia

We have all heard stories of signed shoes and old baseball cards being sold for millions of dollars. While most sports memorabilia will never reach those prices, they can still hold their value almost indefinitely. With most memorabilia, the key to a good investment is verifying that it is an authentic item. 

Old Toys

The difference between investing in old toys and collecting old toys is the emotional attachment you have to the items. Those who have a strong connection to a certain brand or style will either need to detach themselves emotionally when it comes time to sell or consider another item to invest in.

Hopefully, these six ideas will give you a fresh take on some ways you can invest without dumping more money into the stock market.

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