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Thursday, July 25, 2013

5 Valuable Collectibles You Didn't Know You Had

As we all know there are lots of cool antiques out there that could be worth a lot of money. Each time we go to our parents’ home or grandparent’s room we just look at all their old stuff and think to ourselves; how much is that worth? 

We see a lot of people take their collectibles and other antiques to pawn shops or sell them on EBay to try and make some extra cash. Sometimes they are getting robbed and don’t know it or they are potentially making bank off something simple they never knew was worth money. If you have seen an episode of “Pawn Stars” you know exactly what I mean. So how can you tell if you have anything worthwhile in your parents’ basement or grandparents’ house? Here are a couple of items that have been a hot commodity lately. 

Musical Instruments

If your Grandpa or Father played a guitar back in his day or was part of a garage band odds are he has a couple instruments lying around the house. You might want to look into them and see if there are any classic or vintage guitars. Some classic Les Pauls and Gibsons have been known to sell well over 20,000 dollars. There are other instruments too like antique player pianos and grand pianos. If you happen to stumble across a player piano that has some old paper music sheets then you might want to get that restored and appraised.


These are something that most old timers have lying around somewhere in their house. Trunks, chest or anything of the sort that has been hand crafted might just make you singing all the way to the bank, especially if you have a treasure chest lying around the house. Those have been have been known to go for over 100,000 dollars. Move over retirement! 

Rare Money or Coins

This one is kind of simple because we see coin commercials all the time on television. Old money that is no longer in circulation could be worth a lot of money. For example if you have a US quarter that was printed in 1960 the starting price is worth $3-5 dollars. Sometimes you will see companies and restaurants offer free ice cream for coins like this. Let’s be honest though if someone is offering you free ice cream for a special kind of coin, it’s probably worth looking into.

Patches and Pins

If your parents went through a hippie stage or punk stage then there is a good chance that they have some patches or pins lying around the house from “the good ole days.” Take a look at them and see if they are salvageable. If they are near mint condition or better then there is a good chance that they can bring in a pretty penny or two. Odds are it would be worth more than what your parents paid for it. Or you could see if you have any old pins for trading that you might have gotten from Disneyland or other amusement parks. There are a lot of collectors out there that are willing to top notch for something simple like that. However, if you are interested in just getting some fun looking pins or customizable ones you can always check out for more information.

There are many ways to go about selling some of your collectibles or seeing if they are worth anything. You can take a picture of the item then upload it to Google images to see if there are any other results that look similar to it. You can also check out EBay or Amazon for some ideas on what they are going for. Who knows what you can find lying around your house.

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