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Friday, December 6, 2013

Are You Too Old to Start Making Money Online?

Technology is often thought of as a young-man's game (or a young woman's) and that might perhaps explain why you regularly hear of these young entrepreneurs like Zuckerberg and Nick D'Aloisio (the Summly kid). Presumably younger people generally have a better understanding of technology, are more in touch with what's happening, and are thus better poised to set up their own businesses utilizing technology to make themselves billionaires.

But is this actually true? Do you really have to be young to get rich online or is it possible at any age? How about over fifty?

Why 50 is Just Right

Well actually it may surprise you to learn that you are actually at the very best age to start making money online if you are over fifty. The reason we hear more about guys like Zuckerberg and Nick D'Aloisio is partly just that they are more media-friendly. Getting rich online at a young age just makes a great story for the papers, and so when someone youthful has a hit app or website you're much more likely to hear about it. At any age these sorts of stories are the exception, but there are more successful entrepreneurs aged over 40 than any other demographic. And that must be rather encouraging.

There are many things that make you better poised to be a success online once you reach your later years too. For one, you will of course have more experience – perhaps not with tech – but probably with business, with finance, with people and with all the other elements required to make a successful product and business.

At the same time you are also likely to have a bit more money behind you which you can then invest into your new company should you wish and you're likely to find it easier to get loans if you want them.

As you get older still and are perhaps working fewer hours, you might also have more free time to dedicate to running your online business. Imagine being in a situation where you have all the time you need to work on a website, no day job anymore to take up your time and some disposable cash to pour into your idea. That's really rather ideal…

The Challenges

There are challenges as well though, which include the potentially relative lack of tech knowledge. If you find yourself in a situation where you'd like to be an online entrepreneur but don't know anything about programming or internet marketing, then that leaves you with two options:

a) Learn the topic you need to know about – again you should have the time and this will likely be a skill that benefits you in other ways too.

b) Outsource the elements you're not confident with – if you're a good writer or a designer then you can handle those elements of your online business but outsource the actually coding or the SEO to others. This is what good businesses do anyway, and there are plenty of ways you can find cheap services online that will handle your business for you for a reasonable cost.

The other thing to do is to try and choose an industry and a business model that plays to your strengths. One way to do this in particular is to create a website, an app or an eBook that is targeted at your demographic. This is a good strategy because you will find that your sensibilities that way become an asset rather than a set-back. You will have more idea of what other people over fifty want from a website or an app, and as such you'll be able to fend off the competition. This is a great captive audience with the most disposable income, so in fact you're in the perfect position to make a killing online!

Author Bio:

The author is this article is Jenny Wadlow. She is a professional freelance blogger. She writes articles for Bentham IMF, a commercial litigation finance company. She uses her free time to indulge in reading and sports activities.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

5 Proven Tips to Making Money Online

The Internet offers a wealth of information for people who are hungry for knowledge. People who want to make money, however, can also find this virtual space a potential goldmine. But as with any goldmine, you must first dig your way through the hard, unpleasant ground to unravel the coveted treasure. Here are 5 tested and proven tips to make money online. 

1. Blogging - Are you described by your friends as a talker? Do you love sharing experiences and other valuable data to others? If you find this idea interesting, you'll find blogging better. Whereas bloggers do not get "Bill Gates" kind of rich, they can collect copious online content to generate steady monthly revenues from Google Adsense and the likes. 

Furthermore, a blog is a great way to promote your other products or services effectively. Make sure to update it though since an outdated blog site doesn't really entice web visitors.

2. Small Business - If you don't want to work for someone else or is tired of the daily commute, starting your small business is a good option. Look for a market niche that is not congested with competitors. Although it seems a good idea to join a market that is always busy because of the possible exposure and customer traffic, it is best to steer clear of these niches and focus on relatively nascent areas. 

Is there a product or service you think is needed and has yet to be discovered? If you have ideas, make the product or service and offer it online through a small business.

3. Affiliate Marketing - This pertains to the act of showing advertisements from companies like McDonald. Every time a person visits the company via your link, you get commission. Through affiliate marketing, there are PPC programs wherein search engines put advertisements on your website that are created to attract prospects.

4. Offer What You're Good At - There is nothing better than making money with something you want to do. Write articles, manage financial accounts, give expert advice, transcribe data, etc. Nowadays, outsourcing is a popular business practice, which lets employers downsize expenses while maintaining the acceptable level of standards.

5. Social Media Advertising - Facebook and Twitter aren't only good for connecting with friends. It is also a feasible money maker. To begin making money through social media advertising, register and sign in to the social media site of your choice. 

Click the Advertisers tab at the bottom of the page and begin creating your advertisements. The process is very simple mainly because the platform guides you step by step instructions.

6. Sell Items You Don't Need - If you have a scooter or a designer bag laying around and dusting away, you can sell the item online. eBay and Amazon are a few online markets that allow people to sell their items via the web. Preferably, you should have the original container and other contents when you resell it. This gives the buyer guarantee that the item is original and not a ripoff

Making money is never easy. But with these simple web-based solutions, you can make stable and predictable checks in the comforts of your home. Of course, it is up to you if you want to make the activity a short-term or long-term affair.

This is a guest post by Liz Nelson from She is a freelance writer and blogger from Houston. Questions and comments can be sent to: liznelson17 @

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