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Friday, August 9, 2013

5 Home Improvement Ideas To Help You Retire In Style

You have waited for 40 long working years for this day. Now it is here. The golden retirement years are upon you. You have finished your last day of work. Your co-workers have thrown a party for you, complete with cake with black icing so you all can go home looking like your teeth are falling out. Now what do you do?

The first job to tackle is home improvement. You are not getting any younger. That is apparent. Therefore, time is of the essence. Your home needs some improvements in order for you to actually have a relaxing retirement. Here are a few changes you can make to keep your home stylish while you age comfortably in your retirement years.

1. Remodel the Bathroom

As you age, you may be plagued with arthritis. It would be a good idea to redo that tiny bathroom to make it more conducive to your body. Expand the room, if possible. There may be a wheelchair in your future, so be ready for it. Add grab bars to the shower, bath tub and by the toilet.

2. Add an Exercise Room

If you have an extra bedroom that you do not need, an exercise room would be a great addition. As we age, our bones become weaker. With weight bearing exercises, you can gain back some of that bone mass with daily exercise. A home gym would do the trick.

3. Landscaping

With retirement comes travel. Less time for yard work. A good landscaper can show you how to redo your lawn to eliminate some of that work. Replacing mulch with rock will eliminate yearly re-mulching. Add bushes and trees that tend to themselves and do not require constant trimming.

4. Add a Spa

You may be feeling your age already. Imagine how nice a spa would be? Customize a spa or hot tub for your back yard and feel those aches and pains diminish as the hot water swirls around you. Imagine relaxing in your spa with a good book to while away your time.

5. Patio

A beautiful refurbished patio surrounding your new customized spa will add to the ambiance of your hot tub experience. Your guests will love it as well.

Retirement is a time for fun, relaxing and enjoying your home. With these improvements, you will be well on your way to your golden years of relaxation.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Home Improvement Tips to Save Money This Summer

Summer means great outdoor weather, fishing trips, lying on the beach, camping with the family, BBQ with the neighbors, and many more fun activities. On the other hand, it also means having to deal with soaring electricity bills because of the oppressive heat. Homeowners can push back by initiating fairly simple renovations geared towards reducing power consumption. They can finance these projects with a small fund and recoup the cost through long-term savings. Some excellent examples are listed below: 

Seal the Gaps

Air can leak through tiny cracks on the walls as well as through gaps around doors and windows. These force the cooling system to work extra hard to maintain the desired temperature. A practical way to deal with this is to use caulk to seal the cracks. Weather stripping can also be employed when necessary. These are low cost, high impact solutions to the energy problem. The first thing to do is to locate each of the air leaks. Utility companies may offer this service for free or charge a nominal fee. List them down and sealed them off starting with the biggest gaps for maximum effect.

Insulate the Shell

Heat can quickly build up inside the house if the walls and ceilings are not properly insulated. Remedy the situation and slash up to 30% off of the problematic air-conditioning bills. The type of insulation that should be used depends on the existing house materials and the particular application. There's fiberglass, vermiculite, urethane foam, rigid foam, cellulose, and mineral-fiber, among others. Hire a reputable contractor for this project to ensure a thorough sweep. Good insulation keeps homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter so this project will be beneficial all year long.

Mind the Windows

During daytime, draw the curtains to let the sunlight in. Having the rooms bathed in natural light means that the artificial ones can be kept off until night falls. The windows could even be flung open to allow the breeze to flow inside the house. Opening two opposite windows creates cross-ventilation, a technique to cool the house naturally by promoting air circulation. Of course, if the air-conditioning unit needs to be used then the windows have to be closed shut. Consider replacing them with modern argon-filled double glazed windows, which have better insulating properties.

Color It Light

Physics has taught us that dark colors absorb light, which explains why dark things heat up faster than light ones. This is also why we wear light-colored clothing during summer. It only makes sense to do the same for our homes. Dark roofs contribute to the heat inside the house. If the roof is painted with a more reflective coating, then the interiors could remain relatively cool despite the harsh summer sun. The air-conditioner will not have to draw as much power as before to do its job, reducing the energy bills to a more manageable level.

Maintain Efficiency

Cooling systems must undergo periodic maintenance to make sure that they continue to operate at peak efficiency. Oftentimes, problems with the air-conditioner can be traced to clogged filters. Clean these regularly for better cooling. Check the ducts for any leaks and seal them off right away. Insulate parts that run through unconditioned spaces so that they don't affect the air temperature.

These simple home improvement tips are easy to finance and are certain to result in substantial savings. Consider implementing some or all of them to bring down the cost of your energy bills so that summer can go back to being the fun season that it was always meant to be.

Author Bio
William Stevens is a writer who creates informative articles in relation to technology. In this article, he describes a few home improvement techniques to save money and aims to encourage further study with an Ohio University Online Master in Electrical Engineering

Thursday, May 9, 2013

3 Inexpensive Ways to Update Your Home's Curb Appeal

Some people fail to realize the importance of curb appeal for their houses. Curb appeal helps your house look more attractive, especially if you are selling your home.

Creating a nice curb appeal for your house lays out the welcome mat for not only buyers but visitors as well to your house. Unlike other house repairs and maintenance jobs, creating your home’s curb appeal doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Here are 3 inexpensive ways to update your home’s curb appeal on a tight budget.

Clean up

One simple way to make your curb attractive is to clean up your yard. The first thing people tend to notice is your yard. Is your lawn mowed? Do you have weeds growing so high it’s obvious? Do you have leaves all over the yard? Is there a lot of debris in the yard? 

Just spending an hour or two cleaning up the yard can go a long way in making your curb appealing.

To clean your yard, you need the basic lawn mower, rack, and trash bag to dispose of leaves and debris. These items are easily found at most hardware or home repair stores. For more information about, visit the site.

Do you have pets that stay outside? Some dogs because of their breed will cause havoc in your yard. You can keep the pet from damaging your yard by training them, keeping them in a certain area of the yard, buying a dog house, or keeping them inside the house. If you have a huge weed problem, apply weed killer to the yard, driveway and sidewalk.


Add some plants to your porch or place them alongside the sidewalk of your house. Plants make your house attractive. Make sure you take care of the plants.

Water them and make sure they are getting enough sunlight. Dead plants and poorly taken care of plants will not help bring about curb appeal to your house.

Plant flowers in your yard and on the curb, if there’s grass located there. Flowers definitely beautify your curb. Plants are not expensive at all.

You can also mix up the type of plants to add to the attraction and variety. If you are missing a lot of grass in your yard, apply a grass pod to help grow the grass or plant artificial grass in your yard.

In addition to plants, you could fly a flag from your front yard to show your patriotism. You can easily find the flagpole parts you need online in order to get this set up and a flag flying in no time.


Touch up your porch and curb with paint. Unlike painting the entire house, painting parts of the curb is very cheap. All you need is a can of paint and a paintbrush. If you want to add more of a touch-up, paint the trim areas of the porch.


You can add to your curb appeal with lights. Solar lights are not expensive and they help save energy and money. You can place the solar bulbs alongside the curb, driveway, or walkway.

Most of these inexpensive ways to enhance your curb appeal will actually take the focus off of your curb. When these things are not added, your curb is more noticeable. However, if your yard is well-maintained, plants and flowers are blooming, lights are lit, and the curb is painted, people will tend to focus on everything, including your curb.

Ashley has written several career-related articles for various websites for more than 2 years. She loves to travel and write. She suggests Coupon Codes for money saving discount coupons.

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