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Monday, August 19, 2013

Selling Your House Online is a Better Option than Using an Estate Agent

Many prefer to use an estate agent simply because they do not have the time and skill to sell a house. They are not aware that there are various methods available to increase awareness of their property for sale. It is also possible to deal directly with prospective buyers without the need to travel. Being more involved in the sales process of your home can be more effective and economical than using a middleman. You can sell your house online, and reach potential buyers from any location.

What Estate Agents Do

Estate agents can have multiple functions, depending on what is required by their client. They are mainly hired to market a property, and act as a representative of the owner in negotiating with potential buyers. Estate agents are responsible for completing all legal documentations involved in transferring ownership of a property. They also answer all questions potential buyers will have about the property.

Selling a house used to be very tedious, and many relied on estate agents to do the legwork for them. But with the advent of technology, such things as advertising, communication, and filing of papers now take just a few mouse clicks. If your time is not very limited and you know how to use a computer, you can actually sell my house online without the need for an estate agent.

The Benefits of Selling Your House Online

Nowadays, people are looking for more options to find a house to buy. They are not likely to settle at just getting the information from an estate agent. Potential buyers will often search the internet for any property that meets their needs. But this is not the only reason why selling your house online is better than using an estate agent.

  • No need to pay commissions. Estate agents are paid on commission. If you will sell a house through an agent, the total proceeds is not yours alone. You will need to deduct a certain percentage from the cost of the house to pay the agent is usually about 3 percent, or higher based on the time and effort required of the agent. If you will sell your house online, you will not have to pay thousands of dollars on commission. 
  • You know your property better than an estate agent. It is your house, so you should know the littlest details about it. An estate agent will only examine the actual condition of your home, and determine its value based on the current market trend in your area. But the buyer can have questions about the property that an estate agent will not have the answer to. In addition, you as the owner, know about the community where the house is located such as where to find the nearest shops, restaurants, and hospital. 
  • Fast turnaround. The use of an estate agent may only delay the transaction. Expect a potential buyer to haggle over the price, and try to lower his or her bid until the final price is heard directly from the owner. Having a middleman only prolongs the process. You will notice that those who are really looking to buy a property may find it more convenient to reach an agreement with the owner. 
  • Focused marketing strategies. An estate agent may have other properties to sell, so he or she cannot give your house his or her full attention. If you have signed a 6-week contract with an agent, it does not mean that the agent will make the effort throughout this period. Moreover, you do not have control of the methods the agent will use to market your home for sale. But if you will sell your house online, you can take advantage of the different advertising options available. 

An estate agent can help sell your house in many ways, but is very expensive. If you are concerned about the time and effort required in selling a house, doing it online may be the best solution. With online selling, you will not need to pay high on commissions. You can communicate directly with the buyer, and close the deal faster than it would take if you used a middleman. Written in behalf of

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

5 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While Selling

Selling your home can sometimes be a long drawn out affair. With people coming and going into the house every day and loads of strangers trampling through. It may seem like just a temporary inconvenience but it can unfortunately be far, far worse. 

Opening your home up to so many strangers is making yourself vulnerable to uncomfortable situations. Imagine you alone at home and suddenly the doorbell rings in the evening with random strangers asking to be let in because they heard your house was on sale. Not very comfortable or safe is it?

Whether its residential or other suburbs or a tiny cottage in the country, you never know who you are letting into your home. We hear all too often of thieves and other perpetrators taking advantages of open houses or people who are in a situation to willingly let them in. 

Although this is a definitely an inevitable part of home buying and selling, there are definitely safety precautions you can take to keep potential danger at bay. Besides why ever put yourself in an unsavory situation in your own home! 

Let's take a look at a few preventive measures you can adopt, to make the process a safer one for you -

  1. Do not do it alone – If you don't have an agent helping you with the sale and handling buyers, it is best to avoid doing any showings all alone. Always have a friend, spouse or someone to give you company while you are letting people in to show them your place. Your risks will be significantly lowered if you do not show the house alone and it definitely isn't a chance worth taking. 
  2. Get all the information – When showing someone your home or planning to make sure you take down all their contact information and call and check the phone number as well. Note down all address info and never let anyone in the home without an id of some sort. 
  3. Invite visitors by appointment – Ask anyone who simply stops by for a look, to come back after scheduling an appointment. This tip helps you gauge who the serious buyers and those who just want to come have a look for fun. Also keep curious onlookers at bay by putting a ' showing by appointment only' line on your for sale sign if you have one or on the advertisement. 
  4. Keep a phone with you – This may seem like a no brainer but it is easy to sometimes just leave your phone lying around on a busy and hectic day. Always have a phone handy on you. Check if it is fully charged and good to use before showings and open houses and keep it on you at all times throughout the process. Let friends or family know that you are having a showing and at what time the appointment is and keep an emergency number ready to speed dial on your mobile or cordless phone. 
  5. Be careful of what information you give out – It is easy to fall into the trap of answering whatever questions potential buyers may ask you but never divulge information about your personal schedule, timings, who you live with or if you live alone and the like. It is also wise to not discuss what security systems you may have installed in the home. 
Selling a home can be a time consuming and tiring process. If you do not have a professional doing it for you, it is extremely important to safeguard yourself with a few common sense tools, even if you are rushed or busy.

Bio -
Steve Lobo is a real estate agent and has been in the industry for the past 9 years. He has shown clients many properties over the years and also is expert in reverse mortgage options. He believes that safety comes first and often advises people on the same. In his spare time he writes and runs his own blog.

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