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Monday, January 25, 2016

How Significant is the APR in Short Term Loans

From home loans to car title loans the options available on the market today are endless, and promise you financial assistance to meet just about any financial need! 

Before committing to a specific loan, it’s important to know exactly what assistance you need, what the loan offers, and what is expected of you in terms of the qualification criteria and the loans repayments.

If you are the owner of a bad credit score, then this eliminates a significant chunk of loans that you can qualify for, as credit is used to by many lenders to determine the risk they taking in lending to you. 

Car title loans welcome all applicants despite their credit score, and these loans are approved with no credit checks.

Car title loans are short term loans that offer the applicant many benefits. When comparing the different loans on the market, it’s important to compare apples with apples, to make sure that you are getting a true reflection of what you are applying for and what is expected of you in return.

With all loan types, the APR or Annual Percentage Rate is a significant indicator in explaining the rates to you for your specific loan. 

It is sometimes difficult to compare loan benefits when some loans are short term and other are long term, as the periods that the loan runs for vary and significantly change the costs. The APR is a standardized measurement of the cost of credit, taken at a yearly rate.

It may seem strange to have such a measurement for a short term car title loan, but this helps you to understand and compare the costs across the board. 

With this value you could clearly understand how much it would cost you to pay off this short term loan, in the period of a year, which is a standard repayment time for all loans.

The APR is significant with short term loans, as different lenders charge different rates. Instead of looking at the numbers at face value, understanding the entire loan process with make sure that when you take out your car title loan, you will choose a lender who offers low interest rates and fees.

The APR is also determined based on a few criteria, such as how the repayments are structured, monthly, weekly, or every second week, what the length is of the loan period that you have taken out, and the time between when you receive the cash loan and the first required repayments. 

All of these factors are very important when it comes to a car title loan. There are so many providers to choose from that it is essential to make sure that you are getting the best terms and conditions. 

Be sure to take a look at all of the lender's terms and conditions, and they should also disclose any additional fees, including penalty fees for making early loan repayments. When you’re armed with this knowledge, your entire loan process is sure to be a success!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Six Tips for Applying for a Payday Loan

Life can curve balls at us which may leave us needing a bit of financial help from time to time. From sudden medical expenses for home and vehicle repairs, a short term or payday loan is often a quick and easy answer to life's little surprises. If you are considering applying online for short term loans, there are some tips that you should keep in mind to best guarantee your chances of not only getting approved, but being able to manage the loan.

Proof of Employment

The beauty of applying for a short term loan is that it is quick and seamless as long as you are properly prepared. Unlike applying for a loan from a financial institution, companies which offer short term loans have a quick application process which largely relies on one being able to have proof of employment. Some ways you may be able to prove your employment status include:

  • Tax forms
  • A signed letter from your employer 
  • Providing your National Insurance number 

Having recent proof of income from your employer may also be acceptable as a sole piece of proof of employment. This would include items such as a pay stub from your place of employment. Ask the loan company if the length of time you have spent with the employer will have an impact on your application as well. Typically short term loan outfits will only lend money to individuals if they have been working at the same place of employment for 3 months or longer.

Understand what the Loan Is

Short term loans are significantly different than a long term loan. This should be well recognized and accepted before the application process. Ideally, this type of loan will only be used to tide someone over should they find themselves in an emergency situation before they receive their next pay check. 

Do Not Apply for Multiple Loans

Payday loans are quick and easy. Many will hear back within hours after the application process whether or not they have been approved. Even if you are well-intentioned and trying to improve your chances of being approved, apply at one loan location at a time.

These companies have the means available to track every single loan request you make. If they see that you have made multiple loan requests in a short period of time, they may think that you are:

a) Trying to scam them; or
b) Will receive so many loans that you will not be able to pay them back on time, if at all.

Avoid Start-up Fees

Any payday or short term loan company which charges its clients a start-up fee should be avoided at all costs. Legitimate loan providers do not require any fees from you. They receive payment by other means.

A payday loan is a small, short-term unsecured loan, "regardless of whether repayment of loans is linked to a borrower's payday. The loans are also sometimes referred to as "cash advances," though that term can also refer to cash provided against a prearranged line of credit such as a credit card. Payday advance loans rely on the consumer having previous payroll and employment records. Legislation regarding payday loans varies widely between different countries and, within the USA, between different states.

Be Honest about Your Finances

The best way to protect yourself when taking out this type of loan is to be honest. There may be some unattractive details about your past or current financial state which may cause a loan company to reconsider lending you money. But being honest will help keep you financially afloat rather than unexpectedly drowning in debt.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Are Short Term Loans Right For You?

During the present economic condition, it becomes often very difficult to meet up all your needs with the regular income. After all, you have to pay off all those medical bills, utility bills and education bills. Moreover, emergencies are always there and you have to arrange the money somehow. In situations like these, applying for traditional credits from banks or other financial organizations, doesn’t seem to be very feasible as the process is a bit time consuming and involves lots of formalities as well. 

As an alternative to these types of conventional loans, short term credits or cash advance loans happen to be popular options. Since you don’t need to provide a huge number of documents and the process, too, is completed within a short period of time, these financial alternatives seem to be popular way outs among people. Moreover, you can get approved for these credits even if your financial history is not-so-fair and if you have a bad credit score. However, while applying for such types of loans, you need to keep certain factors in mind –
· Do you really need the money? – The fact that there are plenty of financial alternatives available in the market and you can easily get approved for them nowhere means that you can apply for one every now and then. In fact, taking too much loans and then being unable to repay them within the given time will affect your credit status and gradually will lead you to a poor credit score. Hence, make sure you need the money desperately and then, apply for these loans. For example, if you want to go on a vacation, but can’t plan it due to lack of money, don’t apply for a short term loan. Remember, these credits should be applied for only for unexpected expenses that you have to pay off.

· Try to cut down the borrowing as much as possible – Make it a point to borrow as less as possible amount of money. This is important because these types of credits always involve high rates of interest and the more amounts you borrow, the greater amount of money you would have to pay to the lender.

· Shop around a bit before taking the loan from someone – These types of credits are available both online as well as with unconventional sources like personal lenders. You can even ask friends, family or someone from your acquaintances if they can lend you the money for a short period of time, probably till when you receive your next paycheck. While shopping online, check out the different sites – compare the rates of interest and other charges like application fees or processing fees. Check out if the lenders ask for an early repayment charges. Considering all these factors, choose the deal that suits your need best.

· Go through the Terms of Service carefully – Well, this is quite an obvious task before signing any kind of deal. But being in a hurry, you may miss out something very crucial. Make sure you understand all the terms and clauses perfectly before signing the agreement.

Author’s BioSam Payn is a well known blogger who has been associated with guest blogging for a number of years. He specializes in writing on topics related to finance, loan, insurance etc.

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